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On September 8, 1916, St. Aloysius Gonzaga parish, in conjunction with the Sisters of the Holy Names Academy, opened the doors of St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic School for the very first time. They were wonderfully astonished by the 195 students that filled the brick building on the GU campus where the school was initially housed. In 1940 the school relocated to 611 E Mission Avenue, our current location, with 316 students. Just ten years later, the East wing was added to accommodate the growing demand for Catholic education in the Logan neighborhood. Thankfully, that same passion for a Christ-centered Catholic education that the Sisters of the Holy Names Academy and the parishioners and pastors of St. Al's parish felt in 1916 still burns brightly today in the hearts of our St. Al's community, including our 461 students!

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Building The Future

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St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic School is an integral part of a Jesuit parish community. Our mission, in partnership with parents, is to develop and harmonize the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional capacities of each child. Our ultimate goal is to graduate students who will be leaders in action, modeled on Christ.


As a ministry of St. Aloysius Parish, the school welcomes a diverse group of students, each individually valued. We believe that parents, as primary educators of their children in the ways of the faith, work in partnership with St. Aloysius staff and community. The St. Aloysius School community creates and upholds a safe and respectful learning environment. We create a positive learning environment for each child which stresses academic excellence and inspires each child to reach their fullest potential through a child-centered curriculum that includes developmentally appropriate methodology, values human diversity, teaches responsibility and leadership, and educates for social justice and global awareness. The school community supports the children to develop spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, and physically to their own greatest potential. Our school provides an understanding of Catholic beliefs and an opportunity for practicing the faith, as well as encourages, in Jesuit tradition, commitment to doing justice in generous service to the world.

Faith Formation

Students at St. Aloysius have the unique opportunity to be a part of both the diocesan and Jesuit Catholic communities. St. Aloysius Church, although a diocesan parish, is staffed by Jesuit priests. Students participate in all-school Masses, grade level Masses and prayer services as well as classroom prayer, lunch prayer, and all-school Monday Morning Prayer. They study and observe the liturgical year along with other Catholic prayer traditions such as lighting of Advent wreaths, Jesse Tree prayer, Stations of the Cross, and Living Rosary. We celebrate all holy days with Mass if we are in school. Students of St. Aloysius know God as a loving father, and they grow in awareness of their own calling to be followers of Christ.


St. Aloysius Catholic School follows the diocesan cycle of curriculum revision and study. Each year, the diocesan school office organizes a committee of educators from around the diocese, including representation from the elementary schools and Gonzaga Prep, to review and revise one curricular area. The committee considers local and national standards related to the curricular area, as well as the mission of our schools. St. Aloysius faculty then studies its implementation of the curricular objectives, studying what is taught, how it is taught, and how assessment is used in relation to the curriculum.

Words from Alumni, Parents and Friends


Keri Manfred, St. Al’s 3rd Grade Teacher & Parent

"My family has been a part of the St. Al's school community for about fifteen years.  My oldest is at Gonzaga Prep, and he started here when he was a toddler.  My three children have always gone to school here, even during their early pre-school years.  During that time, I taught part-time in a public school.  Even though I liked my job, my heart was always pulling me to work at St. Al's.  I loved the Spirituality that my own children were experiencing here, as well as the smaller faith-filled community.  I knew I wanted to teach here!  I feel very blessed that God answered my prayers to teach at St. Al's." Keri Manfred

Patti Habans, Grandmother

I have four lovely, amazing grandchildren attending St. Al’s and one equally as lovely and amazing granddaughter, too young now, but I hope will attend when her age permits. With five children, it is a challenge for my daughter and son in law, Lesli and Paul Cleveland, to choose for their children a Catholic education over public education.  I honor and respect their sacrifice and choice.  There is a strong K - 12th Catholic educational tradition in our family.  My St. Al’s grandchildren are the 4th generation in our family to attend Catholic schools.  My parents were educated in Catholic schools in Wisconsin, I was educated in Catholic schools in Louisiana and,  Lesli also was educated in Catholic schools in New Orleans. We, all of us, treasure our Catholic school educations  - our faith,  spiritual formation,  social consciousness and compassion and the values of service and giving back to our communities were learned early on in our education and, these values were taught to be as important as academic excellence.  I see these same values being taught at St. Al’s and I want that to continue to be a part of my grandchildren’s lives.  I want them to be challenged by their Math homework, I want them to choose quiet heros for reports in Social Studies and English classes, I want them to test their scientific knowledge on field trips to Turnbull Wildlife Center, I want them to be able to show their confidence by playing a part in drama productions such as Godspell, Jr., I want them to be able to play hard and with fine sportsmanship in basketball, cross country and softball at St. Al’s, I want them to gain self-sufficiency when they are a line leader in Montessori, I want them to be altar servers and cantors at school Masses and most importantly I want my little, one year old, amazing granddaughter to also have the world of St. Al’s in her future. St. Al’s past and present has been a gift to our family.  My gift to St. Al’s “Groundbreaker Challenge” is for the future of St. Al’s - the future I want for my grandchildren.
                                                                                                    Patti Habans

Anne Hesler, current parent and marketing director

Parent & Staff Member
I am a proud parent of two St. Al's children who are now in 5th and 6th grade.  Our St. Al's story began back in preschool, where I immediately knew that St. Al's was the right place for my family.  Soon after they began school, I quickly became a member of the St. Al's community which drove my passion for education to become a staff member at the school.  This school is a very special place.  It offers kindness, joy, and the affirmation that children come first.  Ask me, "why choose St. Al's?" and my answer will always be... "Because St. Al's is truly a part of our family, and I know my children are receiving the foundation they need for their future."

Aleisha Webb

Current Parent and Alum
Our 3 daughters are now the 3 rd generation in our family to attend St. Al’s and range from kindergarten to 7 th grade. Our family feels so blessed to be able to raise our children in a school that promotes their development in academics, spirituality and personal growth. We not only value the education they are receiving but also the lifelong friendships that we have made with the families in the community. Being a part of St. Al’s is not just an investment in education, it is helping shape our children as a whole into the person they will become.

Janey Ewers

Class of 1983, Current Parent
Our children are our future, and it is incumbent on us to not only maintain the Catholic schools in our community, but to foster their growth, so that our children can live the faith and community that we knew as children, as we provide the foundation for them to become leaders in action, modeled on Christ.