Making St. Al's Affordable for All Families


Early Learning Center

Tuition Costs Are Billed Monthly

Toddler: 12 Months and Up
  • 5 Days - $930
  • 3 Days - $605
  • 2 Days - $418
Early Pre, Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten (Full Days)
  • 5 Days - $815
  • 3 Days - $539 (M,W,F)
  • 2 Days - $369 (Tu,Th)
Early Pre, Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten (Half Days)
  • 5 Half Days - $509
  • 3 Half Days - $320 (M,W,F)
  • 2 Half Days - $221 (Tu,Th)
ELC Fees
  • Registration (Per Family) - $60
  • Snacks (Per Child) - $50
  • Crafts (Per Child) - $50

Montessori School - 8th Grade

  • Annual Tuition (Full Time) - $5,799
  • Annual Tuition (Half Day) - $2,900
  • Registration Fee - $100
  • Note: Instructional supplies and other fees will be dependent on the number of children enrolled.
  • Reduced pledging is for families that are active participants in a Catholic Parish. Parish verification form required.

  • If you have any questions regarding registration not covered by the application or tuition fees listed here please feel free to call the school's front office at (509) 489-7825. You may also e-mail your questions to

Enrollment Guidelines

Registration for our currently enrolled families takes place in mid-March. After in-school registration is processed, any available spots are opened to those families that have completed a tour and an approved application packet.

  • Student shall be admitted to St. Aloysius Gonzaga School according to the following order:
  • 1) Siblings of children presently enrolled in the school
  • 2) Children of registered and active members of St. Aloysius Parish
  • 3) Employees of Gonzaga University
  • 4) Children of Catholic Parents who are active in a parish other than St. Aloysius
  • 5) Non-Catholics who are enrolled in St. Aloysius Gonzaga ELC

Endowments & Scholarships

Garco Scholarship Endowment

The Garco Scholarship Endowment Fund has been established through the ongoing support and generous contributions from two of our graduates; Tim Welsh and Frank (Ginge) Etter, partners in Garco Construction. The annual earnings from this fund have led to the establishment of annual scholarships available to our families through our Fair Share program.

Robert Luger Endowment

Robert Luger, a 1956 graduate of St. Aloysius School, has been honored by his surviving family through the establishment of The Robert Luger Memorial Endowment Fund. The family has generously contributed $100,000, with additional donations from many other supporters over the last few years. The earnings from this fund are used to supplement the tuition pledges of needy Catholic families desiring Catholic education for their children. The Endowment was founded by Robert Luger's family including John and Donna Luger, George Luger, Maryann (Luger) Montandon, Loretta Luger, and Therese Luger.

Mary Hare Endowment

John and Donna Luger have also established an endowment to honor Donna's mother, Mary Hare. The Mary Hare Endowment contributes another $30,000 from the Luger family to support the students of our school. The Luger Family (Robert, Mary Ann, John, along with his wife Donna Hare Luger), all attended St. Aloysius School in the late fifties. With the establishment of these endowments, the Luger family is making a significant contribution to maintaining the future of our school. John Luger has recently been named a recipient of the prestigious Elizabeth Ann Seton Award for his dedicated work and support of Catholic education over many years. We are so grateful for their commitment to our school and students.