08 June

Summer Math Practice

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be your Middle School teachers this past year!
Under the “Documents” tab of this Junior High page on the school website, you can find a Summer Math Review for students transitioning from 6th

24 February

Upcoming End of 2nd Trimester

Just a reminder that the 2nd Trimester ends on Thursday March 11 and report cards will be sent home the following week.  Parent/Teacher conferences are also scheduled to take place on March 12….more information to follow.

15 June

We Made It!

Dear families,
The last day we had in-school instruction was March 16th, 2020.  I had it on my board, frozen in time.  When we departed, I was so hopeful that the separation would be short-lived.  It wasn’t.  I want you

12 June

Summertime is here!

Well, the end of the school year finally is here! It came after what already felt like an entire summer break! The Seventh graders stepped up to the plate, and with the support of their parents and teachers, ended the

10 June

Summer Math

The Middle School teachers would like to thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to teach your children this past school year!
Under the “Documents” section of the Junior High page on the school website, you can find a Summer Math

12 May


Thank you so much for your support from home as we use our continuous learning model for the remainder of this school year.  I know that homeroom teachers shared information about TeacherEase with you in their previous Friday emails.  I

30 March

Where to Find Information

Hello parents and students,
Please watch for weekly emails with details about upcoming work, and students, please check your Google Classrooms every day for communication and assignments.
For all students, Mrs. McKernan has invited anyone interested to participate in a

30 March

Art Ideas for Home

Happy Monday, St.Aloysius families!
Mrs. Krauss has asked teachers to centralize their posting of information and activities during the school closure, and this portion of the website will be the location for art ideas.
Please note that the goal for