12 October

Leadership News

Leadership recently delivered all of the donations from the House of Charity fall drive. They enjoyed learning about the House of Charity, it’s services and the patrons who visit. We had a tour of the facility and walked away with

15 June

Leaders in Action!

The Leadership Team graduated 12 of its’ own this past week and we will miss them! We finished the year with a flurry of activities from Fund Run assemblies complete with games, music, spirit cheers and lots of enthusiasm to

02 February

January 31

Learn.Serve.Lead.Succeed. That was the theme for the 2018 Catholic Schools Week and St. Aloysius was filled with activity! We began our celebration by joining our parish community at Sunday mass. Our Liturgy Leadership sang, our students from ELC-8th grade greeted

16 December

Merry Christmas!

This month our Leadership class has been reflecting on what it means to be a leader. Each student had time to reflect on their own strengths and areas that need some attention and get input from me. We recognized we

15 November

November Leadership News!

This month our Leadership class collaborated and created a replacement program for our student recognition program. Be Like Christ is now a schoolwide program where students can be recognized by their teachers and peers for Christlike behavior, which is what

11 October

Leadership News!

Our Leadership class has been very busy! We have completed our Hygiene Drive for Our Place Ministry, raising over 5,000 items that we will be delivering this week and hopefully take a tour of the place. We attended the Respect

11 September

Leadership News!

Our Leadership class is off to a great start! We are currently helping our administration on creating some videos explaining our Student Learning Expectations, or SLE’s.  The videos will help show what Respect, Responsibility, and Reflection can look like here