26 January

7/8 Scratch Board Art (Adventures in Texture)

The 7/8 art classes have been exploring the “texture” element of art by creating a texture demonstration board (with 2-D and 3-D textures), and now they are creating their own scratchboards using oil pastels and India Ink.  They’ve selected a photograph to

12 January

First Grade’s Noisy Paint boxes!

The First grade and MAC  classes are studying the works of Kandinsky, considered to be one of the founders of abstract art.  We read Barb Rosenstock’s fantastic book, The Noisy Paintbox, and listened to Rachmaninoff for inspiration.  We painted shapes

19 December

Merry Christmas from Art Class!

The fourth grade class had the chance to paint clay gingerbread man ornaments last Thursday, and they did beautiful work! (see photo)  It’s been a pleasure to share Christmas-themed art with all ages of students, and the Knights of Columbus

15 December

Thank You, Garco Construction!

This week, the seventh and eighth grade art classes created a banner to present to our friends at Garco Construction.  All students and staff will be signing it to show our appreciation for all their hard work and generosity during

02 December

Christmas Joy in the Art Room

Kindergarteners through second graders have been busy hand-crafting their headpieces for the Christmas program.  Prepare to see the church full of lambs, camels, and donkeys singing their hearts out on December 13th!  Here is a photo of Abrihet and Piper

21 November

Giving Thanks for Art!

As we end our first trimester, it’s time to say goodbye to my first group of fifth and sixth grade artists.  I am so thankful, grateful, and blessed to be able to work with so many talented and creative artists!

14 November

Second Grade Matisse-style Collages

Mrs. Weber’s class and I read Jeanette Winter’s charming book, Henri’s Scissors, which details Henri Matisse’s later work as a collage artist.  Using the book and his work as inspiration, we made bold, bright collages using both our positive space cut-out shapes

01 November

Yay for Clay!

The middle schoolers have been up to their elbows in clay and acrylic paint the past few weeks.  5/6 art has completed their Haiku Heads and 7/8 artists are wrapping up their 3-D self portraits.  Look for these to come home (hopefully

27 October

Autumn in the Art Room

Primary classes have been very busy creating fall-themed art projects over the past two weeks.  Fourth grade’s Zentangle jack-o-lanterns and Kindergarten’s spooky owl collages are featured in the hallway for Hallowfest.  Please take some time to view their creations during

12 October

September A.R.T. Superstars!

To reward excellence by middle School art students I give out A.R.T. Superstar tickets to be entered for drawings for special prizes.  I post the acronym A.R.T (Always do your best work, Respect God, self, Art room, and others, and Try