11 June

Celebrating ART and Summer Break!

We have had another fantastic year of art, from Kindergarten through eighth grade! We’ve spent the last days of school celebrating our accomplishments and making some outside chalk art.  I challenge all my students to make something outstanding this summer,

17 May

7/8 Art Acrylic Paintings

For 7/8 Art’s van Gogh Unit, we focused on building up texture and color variety with acrylic paint.  We emulated the Dutch artist’s style with bold, bright dashes of color.  If your student brings a beautiful painting home, I recommend buying a frame

13 May

5/6 Clay Portraits

The 5/6-ers finished their portraits just in time for Mother’s Day! I hope their sweet clay faces brightened many mothers’ days.  Happy Mother’s Day to all our St. Al’s family!

26 April

Glazing Our Clay…

Kindergarten through third grade competed glazing their clay projects this week, and fourth, fifth, and sixth will complete their projects by the beginning of the first week in May.  They’re so proud of their work (as seen in this photo

12 April

Springtime Clay!

The Art room has been brimming with clay, dust, and creativity this week.  We’re almost through our first 50-pound box, and we’re just getting started.  Kindergarten, first, second, MAC, and third grades has sculpted their projects and they’re ready to

29 March

Line Drawings in 5/6 Art

5/6-ers are getting a taste of “Soda-Pop” art by completing line drawings of pop bottles. They’re practicing proportion and close observation to create an accurate rendering of an everyday object.  They’ll be shading their bottles, applying color theory and colored

19 March

5th Grade Folk Art Saint Paintings

The 5/6-ers finished their saint watercolor paintings, and then gave them embellishment in the Mexican folk-art style.  Foil details and gold bring  life and shine to their projects.  Please stop by to see a small sample of them in the upstairs

08 March

Lichtenstein-Style Pop Art

7/8 B has been working on some amazing Pop Art, comic-book style self-portraits inspired by the work of Roy Lichtenstein. Wow! The attention to detail and craftsmanship are astounding.  Look for them, coming soon to an upstairs case near you!

01 March

Dr. Seuss Day!

Second graders did their best Seuss-style illustrations today when we played the “Roll-A-Seuss Character” Game.  They traced their lines with Sharpie and added color to create fanciful creatures.  7/8 Art made Dr. Seuss bookmarks for Kindergarten buddies, and delivered them

22 February

First Grade Spring Collages

We’re dreaming of sunny days to come in art class.  While it doesn’t look like it outside, we’re quickly approaching spring and all its lovely colors and blossoms.  First grade added water lilies to their Monet-inspired collages, using watercolor to create a backdrop