27 May

Black and White “Hope” Photos

In honor of famous 20th-century photographer Dorothea Lange’s birthday on May 26, let’s take black and white photographs that capture images of Hope!  This is a family project – take a walk, and capture an image that gives you hope

19 May

Celebrating Frank Stella!

Let’s celebrate another May-born artist, the contemporary abstract artist, Frank Stella.  Have you ever heard of a square rainbow?  Frank Stella became famous for his “Concentric Squares” in rainbow colors in the 1960’s.  Draw a square and make another smaller

12 May

Happy Birthday, Salvador Dali!

This week we’re celebrating the birthday of Spanish surrealist, Salvador Dali. He was known for painting very realistic pictures of ideas and objects that don’t make sense in the real world.  He became very famous for his paintings, and even

04 May

Let’s Get Sketching!

Did you know that spring is a great time to draw outside?  I want you to look closely at some of the beautiful leaves and flowers that are popping out everywhere this time of year.  Artists build their drawing and

28 April

Thank You, St. Aloysius Community!

The first virtual auction took place over the weekend, and the St. Aloysius community showed overwhelming kindness and support.  Meeting an auction goal during this challenging time has been a true blessing, and we are all so grateful!
K-2 Students:

22 March

Art at Home!

Here are some art-at-home ideas for Week Two…
These ideas can be done by any age group:
Use sidewalk chalk to create a beautiful image for walkers-by to enjoy.
Draw, paint, or sketch the most peaceful doodle you can imagine.

16 March

At-Home Art Ideas

Hello St. Aloysius Families,
Let’s keep our brains art-active while we’re at home over the coming weeks. Here are some fun ideas, which I will update weekly:
K-1: Make a silly illustration for a favorite story.  Try to draw in

13 March


5/6 art has created another round of amazingly adorable clay monsters. I am so proud of their painstaking glazing!  These ferociously cute creatures came home with your second trimester art students yesterday. Hopefully they’ll brighten your day as much as