21 February

Made For Heaven

Dear Kinder Families,
Last week in kindergarten, we learned that this is our temporary home.  On Ash Wednesday, we received ashes on our foreheads reminding us to turn away from sin and follow Jesus. Our Catholic faith teaches us that

23 June

I Wish You More

Dear Kinders (1st Graders) and Families,
I wish you more JOY than your buckets can hold❣ As we begin this new chapter called ‘Summer Time,’ may Jesus’ mighty hands guide and protect us, giving us courage and strength to be

23 April

A New Lens

Greeting Kindergarten Families!
Five weeks and three days ago, we all began living a ´Different Way.´ Each day I awake, I think…this is reality, and then I am quickly reminder that God is still in control. I pray everyday for

25 March

Our Story

Hello Kinder Families.

What AMAZING people you are! Thank you for the countless times each day you fill each others buckets! Yesterday, in our Tool Kit exchange I heard many stories of how your families are making this

19 March

The Gift of Time

Hello Kinder Families!
Last Sunday after Mass, I was driving home alone when my heart was touched by these words, “I’m giving you all the Gift of Time.” These words consumed me. I know with all that I am that

04 February

Friendship Is a Gift

Hello Kinder Families.
It has been a busy few weeks in All Day Kindergarten. Last week, we celebrated our Catholic faith with many joyful activities that reminded us how much Jesus loves us and calls us to share His love

10 November

Puff Boat Challenge

My kinders became engineers for an afternoon and transformed foil, cardboard, straws, plastic bowls and utensils into INCREDIBLE Puff Boats! The following day, the children applied their knowledge of force to predict and test the distance his/her boat would travel

02 September

First Day of Kindergarten

Good Morning Kinders and Families.
I hope each of you slept well with your MAGIC CONFETTI under your pillow! 😊 I am so EXCITED to spend our day together playing, reading, exploring, coloring, sharing, creating, and being who God Our