10 November

Puff Boat Challenge

My kinders became engineers for an afternoon and transformed foil, cardboard, straws, plastic bowls and utensils into INCREDIBLE Puff Boats! The following day, the children applied their knowledge of force to predict and test the distance his/her boat would travel

02 September

First Day of Kindergarten

Good Morning Kinders and Families.
I hope each of you slept well with your MAGIC CONFETTI under your pillow! 😊 I am so EXCITED to spend our day together playing, reading, exploring, coloring, sharing, creating, and being who God Our

04 March

Opening Our Ears

Dear Families,
Last week during our Religion class, we read in our Children’s Bible about Samuel and how he came to recognize and respond to the voice of God. The children learned that Samuel walked by faith and trusted God

19 February

100th Day of School

Happy 100th Day of School Kinders and Families! It was a JOY to see your children walk through their classroom door with a sense of awe and wonder! Their 100 items collected and shared were SUPER CREATIVE! We will be

31 January

Catholic Schools Week 2019

Hello Kindergarten Families,
What a beautiful week this has been! Joy-filled five and six year olds have walked into this kindergarten room with contagious smiles. I can’t help but share the joy these precious kiddos witness to me daily. I