04 February

Auction this Friday!

This Friday, February 8th, is our Annual Auction!
Just a reminder the parking lot will start getting very busy around 5:15, if you could please pick up before 5:30 to avoid the overcrowded parking lot that would be greatly

22 January

Join Us!

Grandparents/Special Person’s Day on January 31st in the classroom at 9:15/9:30.
We look forward to seeing you there!

27 November

ELC Class Competition

Thank you to all the families that have already contributed to the Annual Fund!
The first class to have all families donate to the Annual Fund will get an age appropriate class party, and Teddy Bears are in the lead!

15 November

Reminders for November…

Things to Remember:

It is important to remember to sign your child in and out both on pro-care (the computer) and our sign in sheet.
Monthly Supplies: 2 packages of wipes and plastic bags.
Bring in pictures of your