23 October

Hallowfest Art Show

Please join us for Hallowfest this Friday!  It’s one of the most fun, festive events of the whole school year, and this year your family will be able to enjoy art from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade artists on the upstairs

29 September

Fund Run T-shirt Design Winner Announced!

Bella Lambert, of eighth grade, is the winner of the Fund Run T-shirt design contest!  Her design is a beautiful sunrise with a cross illustrating our school year’s theme of “Called to Christ.”  We’re so proud of Bella and so

23 September

Pop Art!

In 5th and 6th grades we’re learning about the Pop Art movement and the work of Andy Warhol.  We measured soda pop bottles and recorded data to help us make realistic, proportionate drawings.  We’ll later color them using tertiary color

31 August

Welcome Back to Art Class!

I can’t wait to welcome all our new and returning students back to school!
Let’s have a creative, “Called to Christ” school year!
Mrs. McKernan
K-8 Art Teacher

04 June

See You in September!

Thank you  to all my students for a wonderful year of inspiring, gorgeous art! I’ll miss seeing you over the summer, but here are a few art ideas to keep you “ART SMART” until I see you in September:

18 May

Emphasis on O’Keeffe

The Kindergarten students were inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe, and looked up close at some real tulips. They were amazed at how different they looked on the inside compared to the outside!  We read Georgia O’Keeffe: Little People, Big Dreams about

04 April

Springtime Pointillism

Ms. Schmidt’s third grade and Mrs. Manfred’s third/fourth MAC class have been studying the works of Georges Seurat, the famous French artist credited with popularizing pointillism, a painting style that uses small “points” of color to create complex, saturated colors. 

23 February

Twosday in the Art Room!

For Twosday (2/22/22) 5th-8th graders did sketchbook prompts involving the number two.  Students could combine two animals or foods to create new creatures and culinary delights.  They really got creative with the prompts, and I saw “octotigers,” “black bear-terflies,” and

11 February

Welcome to the HEART room!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, this week the Art Room is the Heart Room!  1/2 MAC class made “Concentric Hearts,” 4th grade made soft pastel “Complimentary Complementary Hearts,” and 2nd grade made bold oil pastel “Scribble Hearts” (see above photo),

10 January

First and MAC’s Noisy Paint Boxes

First and MAC read Barb Rosenstock’s classic, The Noisy Paint Box (about abstract art pioneer Kandinsky), before Christmas break. This week, we opened our noisy paintboxes and made abstract masterpieces of our own!  The students took their inspiration from the