10 January

First and MAC’s Noisy Paint Boxes

First and MAC read Barb Rosenstock’s classic, The Noisy Paint Box (about abstract art pioneer Kandinsky), before Christmas break. This week, we opened our noisy paintboxes and made abstract masterpieces of our own!  The students took their inspiration from the

06 December

It’s Christmas Clay Time!

First trimester’s 5/6 art class finished their clay monsters last week, and 7/8 art is working on a top-secret Christmas project.  Look for fragile gifts (made with lots of love) under your tree in the next few weeks. Merry Christmas

20 November

Celebrating the new Art Classroom!

This week we celebrated the dedication and blessing of our new upper floor classrooms for St. Aloysius. Students, donors, families, and students finally got to see the new music, art and STEM classrooms, and we are all so excited to

19 October

It’s Spooky Season at St. Al’s!

Many of our primary classes are doing spooky, Halloween-inspired projects.  Kindergarten made Jack o’lantern lanterns to learn how to turn a two-dimensional sheet of paper into a 3-D lantern, 1st grade and 1/2 MAC made spooky spiders in a web,

25 September

7/8 Art Zentangles

Amid all the Fund Fun 2.0 excitement, 7/8 Art is experiencing the calm creativity that comes from doing Zentangles.  Their designs are intricate, creative, and exceptionally cool!  They’ve combined graphite, Sharpie, and colored pencil to create these beauties.

03 September

Welcome from Mrs. M’s Art Class!

Wow! We have so many wonderful activities planned to welcome St. Al’s students and families.
Please join us for our Family Picnic on September 9th at 5:00 pm. There will be food available to purchase from food trucks on site,

06 June

Happy Summer, St. Al’s!

As art comes to a close for the 2020-21 school year, we can reflect on all the joy it’s brought us over this unusual year. We thank God for the opportunity to be creative and to share in each other’s

01 March

MAC/Second Grade Impressionism

We’re starting spring early in MAC and Second grade art classes.  We watched an animated “Famous Artists” video about Claude Monet, and made our own paintings inspired by Monet’s Japanese bridges from his garden in France.  Students used sponges to

12 February

First Grade Abstract Art

This week, first graders read Barb Rosenstock’s outstanding book, The Noisy Paint Box, and made some fantastic abstract art for themselves.  We played a “Roll a Kandinsky Masterpiece” game, and the results are impressive!