21 October

Happy Hallowfest!

Please plan to join us at St. Aloysius this Friday evening, October 25, for one of our most fun-filled community events…Hallowfest!  There will be lots of spooky art projects to greet you outside the Activity Center!  Our 5/6 Art Clay

03 October

Here Comes the Sun!

MAC and first grade have been practicing the concepts of Landscape (foreground, midground, background, sky) and Color Families (shades of one color).  They’ve created beautiful sunsets reminiscent of classic quilt designs.  We’re starting our Artist’s Study of Grandma Moses on Monday. 

26 September

5/6 Peer Critique

5/6 Art has been practicing shading techniques (hatching, cross-hatching, scumbling, tonal changes, and stippling) with colored pencils to create their “Jar of Values.” They filled their jars with the five most important people, ideas, or things in their lives to create

13 September

Full STEAM Ahead!

Phase III of the fund-raising for the second floor finishing work of the new building is underway!  Look for exciting updates from the Advancement and Marketing Teams as we make progress toward our new Performing Arts Classroom, Visual Arts Classroom,

06 September

Back to School Night- September 12

Please join your St. Al’s Arts Specialists in the Gym for Back to School Night on Thursday, September 12.  We’ll have a booth where you can ask questions and take pictures to show the community you support the Arts at St.

30 August

Welcome Back to Art Class!

We have some very exciting changes to our Art space this fall.  Thanks to a grant from the Nazareth Guild, we now have a document camera and video projector.  We’ll be able to view up-close technique demonstrations, short Art videos,

11 June

Celebrating ART and Summer Break!

We have had another fantastic year of art, from Kindergarten through eighth grade! We’ve spent the last days of school celebrating our accomplishments and making some outside chalk art.  I challenge all my students to make something outstanding this summer,

17 May

7/8 Art Acrylic Paintings

For 7/8 Art’s van Gogh Unit, we focused on building up texture and color variety with acrylic paint.  We emulated the Dutch artist’s style with bold, bright dashes of color.  If your student brings a beautiful painting home, I recommend buying a frame

13 May

5/6 Clay Portraits

The 5/6-ers finished their portraits just in time for Mother’s Day! I hope their sweet clay faces brightened many mothers’ days.  Happy Mother’s Day to all our St. Al’s family!

26 April

Glazing Our Clay…

Kindergarten through third grade competed glazing their clay projects this week, and fourth, fifth, and sixth will complete their projects by the beginning of the first week in May.  They’re so proud of their work (as seen in this photo