December 9th Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


December 9, 2022


“Dance like Frosty, Shine like Rudolph, Give like Santa, Love like Jesus”

-author unknown

(Thanks Tess Wyborney for sharing this awesome quote!)


Upcoming Events:

  • December 12th, Wear Christmas Socks & program rehearsal at the church (9:00-12:00)
  • December 13th, Dress Rehearsal at church at 12:30
  • December 13th & 14th, No Choir before school
  • December 14th, Christmas Program, 6:00 at Church, Cookie Social to follow at school
  • December 16th, Reconciliation 9:30 (grades 3-8)
  • December 16th, Christmas Party, Red & Green free dress
  • December 19th-January 2nd, Christmas Break
  • January 3rd, School Resumes


Their homework packet went home today and is due on Friday, December 16th. Please do all parts of the homework! The following is included in the packet:

  • Spelling Words: Study these words for the test on Friday, December 16th
  • Math Test Study Guide: Your child has brought home a “Pre-Assessment Study Guide” as part of the homework packet. Use this to study for our upcoming math test on Wednesday, December 14th.
  • Reading Log: Read 4 nights for at least 20 minutes this week. Have a parent sign your sheet.
  • Math Log: Practice your math facts for at least 10 minutes on 4 different days this week. Third graders should be doing quick math facts for addition and subtraction. They can move onto multiplication if these are mastered. Fourth graders should be doing multiplication and division. If you want practice sheets for all facts, I have them on my website under the documents tab.

Important Information:

  • Christmas Party: Please look for a Google Doc from our room parents regarding our upcoming Christmas Party at 1:30 on Friday, December 16th. We are in need of donations, as well as parent volunteers. Thank you in advance!
  • Annual Fund: Please consider making a donation to our Annual Fund this year. It plays a vital role in our operating budget. Thank you to those of you who have already made a donation!
  • Volunteers: Aleisha Webb is in need of many volunteers to help make our Christmas program a success. If you would like to help out, please contact her at [email protected] or sign up on Track It Forward.
  • Christmas Program Dress Rehearsal (Tuesday, December 13th 12:30): Our dress rehearsal is open to the public to watch. If grandparents or special guests can’t make it to the night of the program, they are welcome to watch at this time. Please know we will be at the church most of this day.
  • Christmas Program (Wednesday, December 14th 6:00): Doors to the church are open at 5:00 and will be locked until then. Please keep your child with you until 5:45. They can come to our pews at that time. Thank you! A cookie social will follow the program at the school.
  • Christmas Program Colors: Please plan on having your child in these colors for the night of the Christmas program. Thank you!
    • 3rd: gold
    • 4th: white

Highlights from our Week:

  • Math: Both 3rd and 4th grades wrapped up their units on place value, rounding, addition, and subtraction. Be sure to study for the test next Wednesday! Both grades began their Number Corner for December. The 3rd graders are learning fractions during calendar grid and weighing mass using grams during their calendar collector. The 4th graders are learning geometry, area, and perimeter during their calendar grid and multi-digit addition/subtraction during their collector.
  • Religion: We have continued learning about Advent and praying Advent prayers daily with this second week of Advent. This week we have learned that we receive peace when we ask for forgiveness. On Tuesday, we had a visit from St. Nicholas and Father Dan. See the pictures above. We also did some extra learning about St. Nicholas and wrote reflections on our learning. On Thursday, we went to the beautiful Mass of the Immaculate Conception of Mary.
  • Reading: The 4th graders finished their Lit Circles and reading of “Island of the Blue Dolphins.” They loved the book! The 3rd graders moved into independent and guided reading.
  • Grammar: The 3rd graders continued learning about pronouns and that they are substitutes for nouns. The 4th graders continued making their nouns and verbs agree so their sentences would make sense.
  • Writing: The children wrote a reflection on what they are doing to make the most of Advent. We are really using this time between units to fine-tune our paragraph writing. They are learning how to write interesting introductions.
  • Social Studies: We finished our sentence patterning chart using our vocabulary.
  • Science: We read about the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. The kids loved sharing your stories of what you were doing when it erupted! We also wrapped up our unit.
  • Technology: The children continued learning to type with “Typing Club.” They are working on having their fingers “memorize” the keyboard from the “home row.” After their typing lesson, they enjoyed playing Prodigy (a fun math game that mimics MAP testing).