October 28th Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


October 28, 2022

“When we encourage someone, they often feel appreciated. When we thank them for something, they feel encouraged.”

-Joyce Meyer

Upcoming Events:

  • October 31st, Halloween party, 1:30
  • October 31st, Students can wear orange and black free dress (no costumes)
  • November 1st, All Saints Mass, 12:15 at the church (Our class leads this Mass. Join us if you can!)
  • November 9-10, Conferences, No School
  • November 11, Veteran’s Day, No School
  • November 23, Noon Dismissal
  • November 24-25, Thanksgiving Break, No School
  • November 30th, End of 1st Trimester
  • December 2nd, Individual Picture Retakes
  • December 8th, Immaculate Conception Mass, 12:15 at church


Each Friday the children will bring home a homework packet that is due the following Friday. Their homework packet went home today and is due on Friday, November, 4th. Please do all parts of the homework! The following is included in the packet:

  • Spelling Words: Study these words for the test next Friday.
  • Reading Log: Read 4 nights for at least 20 minutes this week. Have a parent sign your sheet.
  • Math Log: Practice your math facts for at least 10 minutes on 4 different days this week. Third graders should be doing quick math facts for addition and subtraction. They can move onto multiplication if these are mastered. Fourth graders should be doing multiplication and division. If you want practice sheets for all facts, I have them on my website under the documents tab.
  • Two-Sided Math Sheet: Please do all of the problems.
  • Religion: The children brought home a sheet listing the Commandments. They need to memorize all ten and I will orally quiz them beginning November 7th.

Important Information:


  • Halloween Party: Our Halloween party is at 1:30 on the 31st. Please look for a Google Doc from me asking for volunteers and donations. If all volunteers can come at 1:10, that would be great! All donations need to be in by that morning. Thank you!!!


  • Conferences: Please be on the lookout for an email from the office on November 1st regarding conference sign-ups. It will explain how to sign-up on Skyward for conferences. I would love to meet with everyone if possible. Conferences are on Wednesday, November 9th and Thursday, November 10th. There isn’t any school on those days.


  • After School Safety: Students need to be picked up in the parking lot by 3:15 or they will be checked into after care. Students may not hang out at a sibling’s practice without a parent. They need to go to after care instead. There is nobody to supervise them at practice.

Highlights from our Week:

  • Math: The 3rd graders continued to learn about the multiplication models of ratio tables. They also looked for patterns on the multiplication table and colored in those patterns. They continued studying geometry in Number Corner as well.


The 4th graders worked on using area model strategies to multiply larger numbers. They looked at the relationships between numbers and their patterns.

  • Religion: During Monday Morning Prayer, Mrs. Krauss talked about the importance of finding a quiet space to pray. Take time to guide your child in finding a quiet space to pray at home.

During class, we began practicing for our All Saints Mass. We also learned the Tenth Commandment. The children took home their Commandment booklets. They also brought home a sheet listing the Commandments. They need to memorize all ten and I will orally quiz them beginning November 7th.

We also had a wonderful walk to church on Wednesday afternoon to meet with Father Dan! He went over all of the responses we need to know in church and also church etiquette.

  • Reading: During Literature Circles, we each had different roles as we read and discussed the chapter.

During our comprehension skills practice, we pulled facts from the Titanic text to make inferences.

  • Grammar: The 3rd graders continued their unit on nouns. They learned more about proper nouns and how we need to capitalize them. The 4th graders learned about indefinite pronouns. This was a new concept for all of them. See if your 4th grader can explain to you what an indefinite pronoun is.
  • Writing: Last week, we began to write Halloween stories. We took time to plan our characters, setting, and plot. We began writing our stories in class. We are really focusing on transitions between paragraphs, dialogue, and the organization of our pieces. The 3rd graders are really working on using up all of the space on the lined paper, writing between the lines, and starting at the red margin. I also graded their first pieces using a narrative rubric and will share them at conferences.
  • Science: We loved our Science experiment on Monday! We created earth (made up of gravel, soil, clay, and sand) in our stream table pans. Then we poured water on the earth to see how our earth moved. Our goal with this experiment was to experience erosion and deposition of rivers.
  • Social Studies: We continued our study of the regions of Washington state. We learned about the Columbia Plateau. With each region, we have learned about landforms, watched videos showing what they look like, researched on Chromebooks, and have added features to our own maps.