October 21st Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


October 21, 2022



“Focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase.”

-author unknown


Upcoming Events:

  • October 26th, All 3rd and 4th classes will walk to the church from 12:00-1:00 (Father Dan is teaching us the responses during Mass as well as Mass etiquette.)
  • October 28th, Fall Sports Celebration, 2:15 (Kids wear Fall jerseys and uniform bottoms.)
  • October 28th, Hallowfest, 5:30
  • October 31st, Halloween party, 1:30
  • October 31st, Students can wear orange and black free dress (no costumes)
  • November 1st, All Saints Mass, 12:15 at the church (Our class leads this Mass. Join us if you can!)
  • November 9-10, Conferences, No School
  • November 11, Veteran’s Day, No School
  • November 23, Noon Dismissal
  • November 24-25, Thanksgiving Break, No School
  • November 30th, End of 1st Trimester
  • December 2nd, Individual Picture Retakes
  • December 8th, Immaculate Conception Mass, 12:15 at church


Each Friday the children will bring home a homework packet that is due the following Friday. Their homework packet went home today and is due on Friday, October 28th. Please do all parts of the homework! The following is included in the packet:

  • Spelling Words: Study these words for the test next Friday.
  • Reading Log: Read 4 nights for at least 20 minutes this week. Have a parent sign your sheet.
  • Math Log: Practice your math facts for at least 10 minutes on 4 different days this week. Third graders should be doing quick math facts for addition and subtraction. They can move onto multiplication if these are mastered. Fourth graders should be doing multiplication and division. If you want practice sheets for all facts, I have them on my website under the documents tab.
  • Two-Sided Math Sheet: Please do all of the problems.

Important Information:

  • Volunteers Needed: We need class volunteers for two upcoming events. First is the walk to the church on Wednesday, October 26th. We need help crossing our three 3rd and 4th grade classes on our way to and from the church. We would need you to be here from 11:45-1:15.


The second is the Halloween Party on October 31st. We are planning to have group rotations for our party and need some parents (or grandparents) to lead the rotations. I would need you here at about 1:10 to set up during our recess. All volunteers need to be Virtus trained. Contact Aleisha Webb ([email protected]) if you need to be trained before volunteering. You cannot volunteer without this training. Thank you!


Please email me if you can volunteer at these events. Thank you!!!!!


  • Halloween Party: Our Halloween party is at 1:30 on the 31st. Please look for a Google Doc from me next week asking for volunteers and donations. Thank you, Jen Fisher, for helping me plan this!


  • Hallowfest: We are so excited to host Hallowfest this year on Friday, October 28!

*Doors will open at 5:30 PM.

*All activities, games, booths, and food will be located in our main school building.

*Hallowfest sponsorship and volunteer opportunities will be available starting on Monday, October 10.

*Ticket sales will begin on Monday, October 17.

Highlights from our Week:

  • Math: The 3rd graders continued to learn about the multiplication models of arrays and loops and groups. They also continued studying geometry in Number Corner.

 The 4th graders worked on using ratio tables and area models to help them multiply multi-digit numbers. We also began learning the standard algorithm of multiplying multi-digit numbers. During Number Corner, they continued comparing fractions and decimals, as well as adding numbers into the millions.

  • Religion: The children did an amazing job teaching the school about the Ten Commandments during Monday Morning Prayer! Thank you to the parents who were able to join us on Monday Morning. We also learned more about Commandment 9 and loved having Father Dan talk to our class about the Commandments on Thursday afternoon. See the above photos. This week we also went to a beautiful chapel Mass led by our 4th grade friends in Ms. Williams’ class. Our chapel Masses are small, intimate, and extremely joyful. We began preparing for our upcoming All Saints Mass as well.      
  • Reading: During Literature Circles, we learned the role of the “Director.” We practiced this role as we read chapter 6 in our novels. During the Lit Circles the following day, the groups used their questions about the book as discussion ideas about the chapter.

During our comprehension skills practice, we used a double-sided diary to write down our inferences and the facts in the pictures of the text. We pulled facts from the Titanic to make inferences about the text.

  • Grammar: The 3rd graders continued their unit on nouns. The 4th graders learned about possessive pronouns.
  • Science: We loved making our edible Sedimentary rocks. Please see the above pictures. We also finished our study of the types of rocks by learning about Metamorphic rocks. We learned that when pressure and heat are applied to Sedimentary rocks, we get Metamorphic rocks. As we studied our rock samples, we had a great conversation about which type of rock would make the best counter tops (marble or limestone).
  • Social Studies: We continued our study of the regions of Washington state. We learned about the Cascade Mountains. With each region, we have learned about landforms, watched videos showing what they look like, researched on Chromebooks, and have added features to our own maps.
  • Music: Our lucky class had the opportunity to have a guest musician from El Salvador sing with us! Please see the pictures above.