September 30th Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


September 30, 2022


“For with God, nothing will be impossible.”

-Luke 1:37

Upcoming Events:

  • October 5th, Blessing of the Animals, 2:15
  • October 10th, Evacuation Drill to 4th Memorial Church, 9:20
  • October 13th, All School Mass, 9:30
  • October 14th, No School, Teacher Inservice
  • October 17th, Our Class leads Monday Morning Prayer at 8:45 in Garco Gym (Join us if you can!)
  • October 20th, 3rd/4th Chapel Mass
  • October 26th, All 3rd and 4th classes will walk to the church from 12:00-1:00 (Father Dan is teaching us the responses during Mass as well as Mass ettiquette.)
  • October 31st, Halloween party (more info. to come)
  • November 1st, All Saints Mass, 12:15 at the church (Our class leads this Mass. Join us if you can!)


Each Friday the children will bring home a homework packet that is due the following Friday. Their homework packet went home today and is due on Friday, October 7th. Please do all parts of the homework! The following is included in the packet:

  • Spelling Words: Study these words for the test next Friday.
  • Reading Log: Read 4 nights for at least 20 minutes this week. Have a parent sign your sheet.
  • Math Log: Practice your math facts for at least 10 minutes on 4 different days this week. Third graders should be doing quick math facts for addition and subtraction. They can move onto multiplication if these are mastered. Fourth graders should be doing multiplication and division. If you want practice sheets for all facts, I have them on my website under the documents tab.
  • Pre-Assessment Study Guide: Please do all of the problems. Both grades are to use the “Pre-Assessment” as a study guide for their upcoming math test on Wednesday, October 5th.


Important Information:

  • Fund Run:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support of this fun community event and fundraiser for our school!!


  • Uniform Socks: This is a gentle reminder that uniform socks are navy, red, white, or black. Other socks with other colors and designs are not permitted.


  • Absences: Please let both Alma Ligouri ([email protected]) and myself ([email protected]) know if your child is absent and the reason for not attending school. That way Alma does not have to spend her time calling to find out about the absence. Thank you! 

Highlights from our Week:

  • Math: Both the 3rd and 4th graders began wrapping up their first units in math. We will review for our test next Wednesday. We also began timed tests of facts this week. 3rd graders did addition and subtraction while 4th graders did multiplication. We will do these quick timed tests every week.
  • Religion: We learned the 3rd and 4th The 3rd Commandment tells us to “Keep Holy the Sabbath Day” and the 4th tells us to “Honor your Mother and Father.” We talked about what these Commandments mean in our own lives. We also learned the 5th Commandment and had a great discussion about what it means in their lives.
  • Reading: During Literature Circles, we learned the “Word Wizard” role and practiced. As “Word Wizards,” we found “juicy” or “difficult to understand” words in the novel chapters and wrote them down. We then used either context clues or our dictionaries to find out the meanings of the words. The next day we met in our small groups to discuss the 3rd chapter and share our words. The discussions were awesome and really led to understanding of the books. We also continued to learn about inferencing in a text as we read another article about the Titanic. I met with small, guided groups as well.
  • Writing: We are beginning to wrap up our first stories which will be hanging in the hall soon! Next week, we will edit our work before we put them on display in the hall.
  • Grammar: 3rd graders continued to review capitalization in sentences. The 4th graders really practiced writing complete sentences versus incomplete sentences. They made sure their complete sentences were “worthy of their punctuation.” They also diagrammed their sentences, making sure they had nouns and verbs to make them complete.
  • Science: We continued our study of weathering by doing an experiment on chemical weathering. The kids loved it! Ask your child how we used vinegar to “weather” our different rock samples.
  • Social Studies: This week, we began to look at the map of Washington, by creating our own. We also began to learn about the coastal region of Washington. The kids loved watching a beautiful video showing the Washington coast!