Happy First Day of Summer!

Ten Tips for Summer Reading:

  1. Go outside and read in the sunshine
  2. Read a book that takes place during the summer
  3. Practice your skills by reading aloud to someone younger than you
  4. Read a book from a new genre
  5. When you travel, read a book that has a setting in the place you are going to  
  6. Read by flashlight on a camping trip
  7. Try to switch up the type of reading material you use: Books, magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, comics, and so many more
  8. Read the same thing as a friend, classmate, neighbor, sibling, or parent so you can talk about it with them
  9. Set a goal for yourself of reading a bit each day. If you miss a day forgive yourself and start another reading streak
  10. Join a summer reading challenge from the public library, PBS Kids, publishers like Scholastic, or a local bookstore

Enjoy a relaxing, fun, and restful summer! 

– Mr. Conroy