May 27th Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News

May 27, 2022


 “People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness… be happy today.”


 Upcoming Events:

  • June 6th-7th, Talent Show Auditions from 2:00-3:00
  • June 7th, Graduation for 8th Graders
  • June 13th, Field Day
  • June 14th, Talent Show
  • June 15th, Last Day
  • June 15th, Deadline for Fall Sports Registration


  • The homework packet went home today and is due next Friday, June 3rd.
  • The Spelling test is next Friday, June 3rd.
  • This is our last homework packet and spelling test of the year!!

Important Information:

  • Fall Sports Registration: We are excited to announce that registration for Fall Sports is now OPEN! Please use the link below to register on Family ID. We would like you to register for Fall Sports before the end of the school year. Deadline to register is Wednesday, June 15th.Practice schedules will be announced in August. FALL SPORTS 2022 REGISTRATION (Link). Please lookout for future athletic emails from: [email protected] Some people have reported that the emails from that address are going to their spam folder. Thank you! Go Stags!
  • Sacramental Prep Registration: If you would like your child to go through Sacramental preparation at St. Aloysius church for 2022-23, registration is open now. Register early to reserve your spot! It is open to children in grades 2-5, middle and high school teens, as well as college students and adults. Contact Michele Lassiter ([email protected]) or visit the website to download schedules and a registration form (

 Highlights from our Week:

  • Math: The 3rd graders continued to learn about the partial product method for solving multi-digit multiplication problems. They had fun making and sharing posters to illustrate this concept. They also learned the associative property of multiplication and began moving onto fractions as well. The 4th graders continued learning about fractions and decimals. We created a number line mixed with both fractions and decimals. It was like a puzzle. We had to put random fractions or decimals on the line in the correct spot. We learned that fractions and decimals are the same thing and they can be equivalent. We have also been learning how to find the common denominator of fractions..
  • Religion: We read the Gospel of Luke as we explored the Joyful Mystery in preparation of our retreat. It was amazing to realize that this Mystery follows the Gospel exactly. Our retreat was wonderful and was a great way to end our unit of study on the Rosary and Mary. Thank you for being flexible with the date change so we could have beautiful weather! We also continued to learn about the Sacraments. We discovered by reading our Bibles that the Letter of James depicts the earliest Anointing of the Sick in the church.
  • Writing: In Grammar we continued learning about adverbs. We have been diagramming sentences which have really helped the students understand the parts of speech.
  • Science: We began our last section of our Structures of Life unit. We began learning about the human body as a structure. We looked at large posters of the skeletal system and discussed how it is a structure (a specific, organized arrangement). It’s pretty amazing to learn this in a Catholic school, because we were able to discuss how God made us in his image and why He made our skeletal structures the way they are. We then put together “Mr. Bones” puzzles and labeled the bones. These are hanging in the hall. We also counted the bones in our body and discovered we have a lot! We also finally have Darkling Beetles! The kids were very excited this week.
  • Social Studies: We continued to learn about our fascinating Spokane history this week. We discovered that James Glover was a pioneer who was the “Father of Spokane.”