March 4th Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News

March 04, 2022


“Pray is love for God. Fast is love for yourself. Give is love for others.”


Upcoming Events:

  • March 11, End of 2nd Trimester
  • March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, Green Free Dress, All School Mass at 9:30 at church
  • March 18, No School, Diocesan In-Service
  • March 24, 3rd/4th Mass at church, 9:30
  • March 25, No School, Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • March 31, Lenten Reconciliation Service, 9:30
  • April 4-8, Spring Break, No School


  • The packet went home today. It is due next Friday, March 11th. The pre-assessment math study guide went home with the packet. Please use this to study for the math test on Thursday, March 10th. The 4th graders also brought home a “Geometry Vocabulary” sheet to use as they study. I would suggest making flash cards of the vocabulary. You may need to buy a simple protractor to also help them study. These usually can be found at any store in the office supply section. This is optional.
  • The spelling test will be on Friday, March 11th.

Important Information:

  • Registration: Remember to follow the steps for enrollment and turn in your packets.
  • Auction: We can’t wait to finally celebrate with our St. Al’s community again in our beautiful Garco Gymnasium on Saturday, April 30th! Watch for more details from Advancement on how you can donate.
  • GU Students: Two GU students have begun their field placement in our class. They are here to observe and work with students. We are enjoying having Miss Clare and Miss Erika in our class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  • Auction Project: Thanks to our room parents (Jana Swenson and Tess Wyborney), as well as Jana’s daughter, Kailee, we are well on our way with our auction project! Our class is creating a cool bookshelf which will be filled with children’s books.

Highlights from our Week:

  • Math: What’s amazing about teaching a 3rd/4th Multi-age class is that I can really see how the concepts build upon each other. Both grades worked on perimeter and area this week but at different levels.  The groups were able to see how these concepts build as we move through the curriculum and grade levels.
  • Religion: We spent a lot of time learning about and reflecting on Lent and Ash Wednesday. We even used our new Bible to reflect on Matthew 4:1 (Jesus’ 40 days in the desert). We reflected on how Jesus resisted the Devil’s temptations in the desert and how we can also resist temptations during Lent. This act brings us closer to God. We thought about what we will do to pray, fast, and give during Lent and have our ideas hanging in the hallway. On Wednesday, we went to a beautiful Ash Wednesday service.

On Tuesday, we really gave back to our community by packing meals for Generation Alive. It was pretty impactful for the students to make these meals for other food insecure children. They really learned what compassion is (sympathy + action). I will upload pictures to our website!

  • Writing: We continued working on our opinion essays. During grammar, we learned about dialogue in writing.
  • Science: We finished our unit on motion and matter. The kids loved our final experiment of mixing hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and baking soda together. They saw first-hand a chemical reaction.
  • Social Studies: We began our new unit on Spokane and Native American history! The kids loved making observations about pictures of old Spokane and its Native Americans. They were trying to guess what was happening in the pictures. We also read a big book I created that explains how Mount Spokane formed and how the land of Spokane came to be. The pictures and their ideas are hanging in the hallway.
  • Reading: For comprehension, we learned that when we read, we must have inner conversations in our head. When we have these conversations, we make meaning of text.