February 16th Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News

February 16, 2022


“We should be simple in our affections, intentions, actions, and words.”

-St. Vincent De Paul

 Upcoming Events:

  • February 17th-18th, Teacher In-Service (No School)
  • February 21st, President’s Day (No School)
  • February 23rd, Free Dress & Ice Cream Party (Our Class Only)
  • February 25th, Generation Alive Coin Collection Ends
  • March 1, Generation Alive Meal Packing


  • Due to the shortened week, I did not send home a homework packet for this week. They will also not have a spelling test.

Important Information:

  • Free Dress/Ice Cream Party (Our class only): On Wednesday, February 23rd, our class will have free dress all day. We will also have ice cream in the afternoon because we won the class competition for the Annual Fund collection.
  • Crosswalk: We need your partnership in addressing a safety concern at our school. Recently, we have had people trying to cut in front of cars that are utilizing the drive through lane. This is very dangerous for all involved and almost resulted in an accident. We will be directing you to the crosswalk regardless of where you are parked in the lot. Please join us in making an extra effort to keep our loved ones safe.
  • Generation Alive: Our school is participating in this awesome program which provides meals for food insecure people in our Spokane community.
  • On March 1st, we will pack meals for these people. All of the meals we pack only cost one quarter. We are asking for your support in raising money for these meals.
  • On Fridays, a Leadership student will come to our classroom to collect the coins and dollars and count the total our class has collected so far.  Remember the winning class earns a pizza party!
  • The last day for collecting will be Friday February 25.


Highlights from our Week:

  • Math: In 4th grade, we learned how to measure angles using protractors. We also learned about the circumference, radius, and diameter of a circle. In 3rd grade, we learned how to carefully read story problems so we know which operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) to use when solving. We solved multiplication and division story problems.
  • Religion: The kids said the Apostles’ Creed individually to me. Way to memorize this prayer! We also continued our study of St. Valentine by reading an article and pulling main points from it. We used our comprehension skills to highlight key points and annotate our thinking.
  • Writing: We took the information we learned about St. Valentine and wrote a few paragraphs in response to whether or not we think his actions were just. Ask your child who St. Valentine is and what he did.
  • Science: We continued learning about the Engineering Design Process by becoming real engineers! We took our individual designs from our “From Here to There” design challenge last week and shared them within small groups. Each group had to determine a design that would work and agree upon it. Then they built their carts, tested them, and redesigned them.
  • Reading: For comprehension, we continued our study of non-fiction features. This week we looked at how “blurbs” on the back of the books entice readers to know what the book might be about. The 3rd graders used the blurb on the back of their new novels, “The Family Under the Bridge,” to ask questions and make predictions about the books. The 4th graders continued to read “Hatchet.” We also did a whole class lesson on pulling evidence from a non-fiction text to support what we think the main idea is.