October 22nd Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


October 22, 2021



“You may not always see the results of your kindness, but every bit of positive energy you contribute to the world makes it a better place for us all.”

-Lisa Currie

Upcoming Events:

  • Friday, October 29th, Hallowfest (5:00-7:00 Outside)
  • Friday, October 29th, Halloween party in afternoon, Orange & Black free dress (No Halloween costumes during the day, only at Hallowfest)
  • Monday, November 1st, All Saints/All Souls Mass, 12:15 (Our class is leading this. Please join us if you can.)
  • November 10th, No School, Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • November 11th, No School, Veteran’s Day
  • November 12th, No School, Parent-Teacher Conferences


  • Packet went home and is due next Friday, October 29th.
  • I will look at all homework for effort and will correct it. Homework effort will be reflected on their report cards.
  • Spelling: Test will be Friday, October 29th.
  • Math Log: Your child needs to practice their math facts for at least 10 minutes four days each week.  You choose the days.  On my website, I have posted practice sheets for math facts.  Please use them if you want to.

3rd Grade:  Practice addition and subtraction.  If these facts are mastered through 20, then your child may move onto multiplication.

4th Grade:  Practice multiplication and division through 12s.

  • Reading Log: Your child needs to read for at least 20 minutes for 4 days this week.  More would be awesome and encouraged!
  • Math Sheet: Both sides


Important Information:

  • Halloween Party: Our party is next Friday, October 29th in the afternoon.  Unfortunately, we still are unable to have parent volunteers in the classroom at this time to help with the party.  I do, however, need your help with items for the party.  Please sign up on the Google Doc that has been sent out for items needed.  These items need to be brought in by the morning of the 28th.  Thank you!
  • All Saints/All Souls Mass: Our class is leading this Mass on November 1st at 12:15 at the church.  Please join us if you can.  It will be a fuller Mass than usual because it is open to the whole parish.
  • Altar Servers:

St. Aloysius Church is looking for 4th grade students (or older) to Altar Serve at Mass. This is an at least once a month commitment. The Masses available are Saturday at 5:00 PM and Sunday 8:30 AM & 11:00 AM. Please contact Solveig

Heidberg [email protected] if interested.

  • Hallowfest: Information was emailed out on Tuesday about this fun event.  We need volunteers and candy donations.  Thank you!  Contact Aleisha Webb [email protected] for more information.  Please be aware that you may need to park off site for this fun event.  A lot of people usually attend.

Highlights from our Week:

  • Math: The 3rd graders continued their foundational learning of multiplication by making multiplicative comparisons, building multiples, and using arrays.  The 4th graders continued their learning of multiplication by using the area model of multiplication to solve 2 digit by 2 digit area problems.  It’s absolutely amazing to teach both 3rd and 4th grade math.  I get to see how the concepts build on each other.  This week, both grade levels were doing the area model of multiplication but at different levels.  It was really sweet when one of my 3rd graders noticed what my 4th graders were doing and said, “Look, the 4th graders are doing the same thing!”
  • Religion: We did an AMAZING job presenting at Monday Morning Prayer!  I posted the pictures on our website.  We also enjoyed an intimate Mass on Thursday with only the 3rd and 4th grade classes.  After Mass, Father Lamanna gave our classes a tour of the church since we are learning about the parts of Mass.  We were so blessed to be able to do this!  This week we also watched a beautiful video on Mass.  The video depicts how Jesus, the angels, and saints are a part of the Mass.  It is a lovely video that really shows the children the true meaning of Mass and why we celebrate each part of it.
  • Reading: We learned that we must be voracious readers to help us understand what we are reading.  We also began learning how to annotate our thinking in margins on non-fiction articles.  This is a skill that they will use throughout their lives.  We continued to read in our guided groups as well.
  • Writing: During writing, we continued to be reminded of how our mentor author writes as we worked on our narratives.  We also revisited how to write a paragraph and when to transition to the next paragraph.  I am blown away with their beautiful writing and am excited to share their work with you at conferences.  During grammar, we continued our study of proper nouns.  The kids had fun working in groups to make sentences with proper nouns and presenting them to the class.  See the picture above.
  • Science: We learned that one of the properties of water is density.  We explored this concept by doing an experiment with floating ice in blue colored water.  We also watched orange colored hot water sink to the bottom of room-temp water.  We did another experiment in which we compared 800ml of frozen water to 800ml of liquid water.  We compared the masses of both and saw that the frozen water’s particles expanded.  This helped us to see why ice floats.
  • Technology: We are using our Chromebooks one afternoon each week.  This week we practiced getting on a Google Meet on our Google Classroom page.  We also played Prodigy.  This math game is awesome and completely aligns with our curriculum standards.  It also mimics MAP testing in a fun way so the kids get practice.  I gave them their classroom log-ins if they want to do this at home too.