October 15th Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


October 15, 2021



“Never measure your life by possessions.  Measure it by the hearts you touched, the smiles you created, and the love you shared.”

-Author Unknown


Upcoming Events:

  • Monday, October 18th, Our class is leading Monday Morning Prayer at 8:45. Please feel free to join us in the Garco Gym that morning!
  • Wednesday, October 20th, Picture Day (Students can wear free dress.)
  • Thursday, October 21st, 9:30, 3rd/4th Grades Class Mass, Join us if you can!
  • Friday, October 29th, Hallowfest (5:00-7:00 Outside), Orange & Black free dress, Halloween party in afternoon
  • Monday, November 1st, All Saints/All Souls Mass, 12:15
  • November 10th, No School, Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • November 11th, No School, Veteran’s Day
  • November 12th, No School, Parent-Teacher Conferences



  • Packet went home and is due next Friday, October 22nd.
  • I will look at all homework for effort and will correct it. Homework effort will be reflected on their report cards.
  • Spelling: Test will be Friday, October 22nd.
  • Math Log: Your child needs to practice their math facts for at least 10 minutes four days each week.  You choose the days.  On my website, I have posted practice sheets for math facts.  Please use them if you want to.

3rd Grade:  Practice addition and subtraction.  If these facts are mastered through 20, then your child may move onto multiplication.

4th Grade:  Practice multiplication and division through 12s.

  • Reading Log: Your child needs to read for at least 20 minutes for 4 days this week.  More would be awesome and encouraged!
  • Math Sheet: Both sides


Important Information:

  • Virtus: We began our Virtus Personal Safety lessons last week.  The Diocese requires each class to complete a Personal Safety training during the Fall.  We will continue with these lessons throughout October.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
  • All Saints/All Souls Mass: Our class is leading this Mass on November 1st at 12:15 at the church.  Please join us if you can.  It will be a fuller Mass than usual because it is open to the whole parish.
  • Google Classroom: Google Classroom is our online platform in grades 3-8 in case we go virtual.  I have been teaching the students how to use Google Classroom.  This is familiar to the 4th graders who used it last year.  This is a change, however, for the 3rd graders who used See-Saw last year.  We have been practicing how to log in and how to access assignments on Google Classroom.  We have also been practicing how to do an assignment and how to turn it in virtually.  If we do go virtual, I will send more detailed information to families on how to access Google Classroom at home.
  • Math Assessments: I have corrected the math assessments and have had Mrs. Dvorak go through them with each child individually.  I will keep the assessments until report cards go out but will share them at conferences.  If you would like to know your child’s grade earlier than that, please let me know.
  • Unit 1 Math Packet: These went home earlier this week.  They were our workbooks for unit 1 and do not need to be returned to school.  If you would like for your child to complete the pages we didn’t get to, that is great.  It is completely optional though.
  • Parking lot: Please drive slowly and use the crosswalk.
  • Gonzaga Haven: The October collection drive for the Parish is items for Gonzaga Family Haven. If you have spare mugs in good condition with no chips, stains, etc., then you can bring them to the labeled box in the upstairs staff break room for donation. Thank you for your support of our Jesuit Parish community!
  • Free Gonzaga University Saturday Literacy Tutoring:

The Saturday Literacy Tutoring Program (SLT) benefits both children from the community and the students at Gonzaga. The SLT provides a safe and constructive learning environment for children to improve their reading and writing skills.

The program is non-profit and free for the children who qualify for this service.  Children receive quality one on one tutoring for a couple hours every Saturday.  Tutors use a combination of many different techniques made specifically for improving each individual child’s literacy.  At the conclusion of the program, children receive free books chosen by them and their tutors.  With these books, the children are encouraged to continue their reading improvement after the program.       

The children enrolled in the Saturday Literacy Tutoring Program are eligible for this service based on two qualifications.  First, the children are two or more grades levels below in their reading and writing skills or English is not

their first language as designated by the teacher or principal.  Secondly, the children’s families are unable to financially provide support for literacy improvement on their own.  Upon completion of the SLT, the children have the necessary skills to reach
their full academic potential. 

Gonzaga students who participate in the Saturday Literacy Tutoring Program gain experience helping children improve their literacy skills.  Tutors have the chance to apply the skills learned in the teacher education classes. 

Directors, Chris and Chandra Reiber [email protected]

Supervisor, Dr. Deborah Nieding[email protected]

Highlights from our Week:

  • Math: Both grades began their new math units this week.  Third grade began working on multiplication.  They explored arrays which is the area model of multiplication.  They practiced using the communicative property of multiplication with this model.  Third grade also began taking timed tests on addition and subtraction facts.  They will do these tests once a week.  Fourth grade began to explore numbers in the 10 thousands.  We created the “Great Wall” of hundreds grids in our classroom and saw what 10,000 actually looks like.  We also learned about exponents and how to solve equations with them.
  • Religion: We got ready and practiced for our Monday Morning Prayer lesson which focuses on love.  We also continued with our Personal Safety (Virtus) learning and the parts of the Mass.  We also enjoyed a beautiful Mass on Thursday!
  • Reading: We met in our guided reading groups.  We continued to learn strategies for monitoring our comprehension and how to access our schema to make meaning.
  • Writing: During grammar, we continued our study of nouns.  During writing workshop, we continued to write our personal narratives.  During our lesson, we learned from a mentor author and read “Come On, Rain!” together.  We saw how her words just flowed off the pages and how to use that example in our own writing.  Our Words Their Way groups also met.
  • Science: We learned about temperature, thermometers, degrees, etc.  We did a fun experiment in which we measured the temp of water.