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Mrs. Hirst’s
Class News

October 1, 2021

“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go.”
-author unknown

Upcoming Events:
• Wednesday, October 6th, Math Test
• Thursday October 7th, 2:30, Blessing of the Animals
• Friday, October 8th, No School, Teacher In-service
• Thursday, October 14th, 9:30, All School Mass
• Thursday, October 21st, 9:30, 3rd/4th Grades Class Mass

• Packets went home today and are due next Thursday, October 7th.
• I will look at all homework for effort and will correct it. Homework effort will be reflected on their report cards.
• Spelling: Test will be Thursday, October 7th because there is no school on Friday.
• Math Log: Your child needs to practice their math facts for at least 10 minutes four days each week. You choose the days. On my website, I have posted practice sheets for math facts. Please use them if you want to.
4th Grade: Practice multiplication and division through 12s.
• Reading Log: Your child needs to read for at least 20 minutes for 4 days this week. More would be awesome and encouraged!
• Math Sheet: This is a study guide for our math test next Wednesday. Use the attached pre-assessment for unit 1 to study for the math test. The unit 1 test is on Wednesday.

Important Information:
• Scholastic Book Orders due Thursday, October 7th.

• Fund Run: Thank you for your awesome support! Our community is amazing!

Highlights from our Week:
• Math: Fourth graders learned about multiplicative comparisons and reviewed multiples, factors, and factor pairs. They also took a multiplication/division quiz. On Thursday, they took their second timed math facts test.
• Religion: During Religion, we began our new unit on learning about the Ten Commandments. We made “cookies” using a blurry recipe and had to guess about how much of what to put in our cookies. We discovered that recipes or rules are oftentimes there to guide us, just as God intended the commandments to help us in good relationship with Him, ourselves, and others. We are creating illustrations to the story in the bible about how Moses received the commandments from God. We also discussed how faith, believing without seeing, is one of the greatest gifts we receive from God daily.
• Reading: We read an article about the Titanic and started to develop the reading comprehension strategy of making inferences. We learned that our background knowledge is an important part about making inferences. We also learned that we must stop and ask ourselves if what we read sounded right, looked right, and made sense. Another comprehension strategy was to write down our connections to the text on sticky notes.
• Writing: We learned that we must pause and edit our writing as we go. We did this as we worked on our small moments.
• Science: We created a pictorial GLAD chart of the world. On that chart we located the continents, oceans, North America, the United States of America and our great state, WA! This led to many students sharing the different places they’ve been and what it’s like there.
Home Connection: I asked students to bring any pictures of places they’ve been to add to our classroom world map. This chart also opened up a great conversation about September 11th and they many great freedoms we have living here in the United States. Many students were looking forward to asking you more about 9/11 at home!