September 24th Newsletter

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News


September 24, 2021



“The most beautiful way to start and end a day is with a grateful heart.”

-author unknown


Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday September 30th, Fund Run Assembly (Kids wear old Fund Run t-shirt and uniform bottoms)
  • Friday October 1st, Fund Run
  • Thursday October 7th, 2:30, Blessing of the Animals
  • Friday, October 8th, No School, Teacher In-service
  • Thursday, October 14th, 9:30, All School Mass
  • Thursday, October 21st, 9:30, 3rd/4th Grades Class Mass



  • Packet went home today and is due next Friday, October 1st.
  • I will look at all homework for effort and will correct it. Homework effort will be reflected on their report cards.
  • Spelling: Test will be Thursday, September 30th because of Fund Run.
  • Math Log: Your child needs to practice their math facts for at least 10 minutes four days each week.  You choose the days.  On my website, I have posted practice sheets for math facts.  Please use them if you want to.

3rd Grade:  Practice addition and subtraction.  If these facts are mastered through 20, then your child may move onto multiplication.

4th Grade:  Practice multiplication and division through 12s.

  • Reading Log: Your child needs to read for at least 20 minutes for 4 days this week.  More would be awesome and encouraged!
  • Math Sheet: Your child needs to do the two-sided math sheet.  These sheets are review of what we have been learning in class.  The challenge problems are optional.


Important Information:

  • Smart Watches (i.e. Apple, Gizmo, Garmin, etc.) (This is information from our administrators): Parents please remind your child to not wear a Smart watch to school. They are distracting to the learning environment. If you need to contact your child please contact the office. As per our Student Handbook: PERSONAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES: If students are using electronic devices at inappropriate times the item will be given to the principal and a parent must come to pick up the device, after 24 hours. Contents of the device may be viewed by administrators. If the student violates the policy again, they will not be allowed to bring electronics to school again.
  • Uniform Policy (This is information from our administrators): Our students are not allowed to wear non-uniform sweatshirts to school (even as an outer option of clothing for outside).  They can wear coats, jackets, uniform approved sweaters or uniform sweatshirts.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately in uniform as the Fall weather approaches.
  • Website: Please check it out.  I have posted our newsletters and photos.  Under the “Documents” tab, I have posted math practice sheets, my class schedule, Back to School Night information, and other tidbits.
  • Fund Run is October 1st! Our scheduled run time is 10:30. If you want to take your child for lunch that day, you must sign out with me first.  Next week is double ticket week!  Thank you for collecting and donating!
  • Class Party: The children earned all of their points!  So, we will have a movie watching party on Fund Run Day.  Way to go!
  • MAP Testing: Students in grades 3-8 do MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) testing three times each year.  This test is done on-line on Chromebooks and will test language use, math, and reading.  The following is our class schedule.  Please try your best to have your child at school and ready (well rested) on the following days:

Wednesday, September 29th (Reading)


  • Please know that I am here for you. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected].


Highlights from our Week:

  • Math: Third graders worked on measuring objects using measuring tapes with centimeters.  They also learned a strategy for adding two-digit numbers together.  They have been working on using numberlines to find friendly numbers.  The fourth graders continued to develop their understanding of multiplication strategies and explored the area model of multiplication with tiles.  They also took their first multiplication and division timed test.  Fourth graders will take these weekly.  We are also so blessed to have Mrs. Dvorak in here during math three times a week to work with small groups and independent workers when they are not in the large group lesson with me.  Her skills are amazing and she is like having a second teacher in here!
  • Religion: During Monday Morning Prayer, we sang the worship songs we are learning for Mass.  Our class even helped lead one of the songs!  We also enjoyed a beautiful Mass of the Holy Spirit on Thursday morning with the whole school!  Our new music teachers are so talented and led a wonderful liturgy choir with joyful music.  Father San’s homily was a beautiful message of our goals for this school year.  Ask your child why he used a stuffed giraffe to deliver his message.
  • Reading: We finished with our assessments.  I have used these reading assessments to create reading groups based on their individual levels.  I like to meet with reading groups daily, with some meeting more frequently than others.  As a whole group, we began exploring our first comprehension strategy, “monitoring comprehension.”  We are learning that we have to check for understanding as we read and that “reading is thinking.”  We learned how to write our thinking down on sticky notes as we read our books.  This is a reading strategy that will carry with them as they progress through school.
  • Writing: We continued with our grammar learning of capital letters as well as our writing unit of personal narratives.  Dvorak is our amazing aide and led small groups in “Words Their Way” activities.  Each child has been placed into a small word group which meets with her on Tuesday afternoons during our reading time.  Their group placement is based on a “Words Their Way” spelling test they took at the beginning of the year so they are working at their individual level.  By working in these groups, the children will look at words in different ways and see different parts of words, which will in turn help them with reading and writing/spelling.
  • Science: We continued with our study of water!  With our experiment on Monday, we saw how water moves on a slope.  We learned about the pull of gravity and how that affects how the water flows.  On Thursday, we used gram markers to measure the weight of water that a sponge absorbs.