St. Al’s Reopening Plan for 2020-2021

Dear Parents,

I am enjoying the warm weather, watching my flowers bloom in my yard, and cooling off in the lake when I have an opportunity!  I hope you are finding those precious moments with family and friends and enjoying time with loved ones.  There is so much going on in the world right now that it can seem overwhelming at times.  When I experience these feelings,  I quiet my mind and ask God to fill me with His peace that transcends all understanding, which guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. 
The school and parish leadership, in cooperation with the Diocese of Spokane and input from state and health experts, have been working on a reopening plan for this school year.
We have attached the plan, and we will continue to update it as new information becomes available.  This plan serves as an overview of the year, and we will be sending out additional correspondence in the weeks ahead providing more detailed information regarding the areas outlined in our plan.
We are so grateful for your amazing support to our school community, and it has served as a constant source of inspiration since our closure in March.  We eagerly await the return of our families to our school campus!
Angie Krauss, Dawn Manfred and Fr. Tom Lamanna