I Wish You More

Dear Kinders (1st Graders) and Families,

I wish you more JOY than your buckets can hold❣ As we begin this new chapter called ‘Summer Time,’ may Jesus’ mighty hands guide and protect us, giving us courage and strength to be more than conquerors, refresh our spirits, and fill our hearts with JOY that reflects His love to our world. I hold you close in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for walking this crazy journey with me and thriving when a challenge seemed like a mountain yet to be climbed. Please celebrate the many triumphs,  and trust in the One who holds our futures. His grace is sufficient, and His LOVE for us…AMAZING❣ Thank you again for listening to and reading with your sweet kiddo each day. Sending you my love and gratitude.

In His Love,

Susie (Mrs. Kraut)🥰