Welcome to the end of the Covid19 school year!

I am sure we can all breathe a sigh of relief that we made it, together!

I am hoping that we can reset and recharge our bodies, minds, and souls. I have been able to make it back to Mass (although odd) which has been a gift. Please find meaningful ways for you family to enjoy the gifts we have been given.

I will miss my second graders and their parents. It has been a privilege to be their teacher and I will cherish my relationships with each of them. I wish all of the 2nd graders a great summer as they transition to 3rd grade with Mrs. Manfred.

I wish all of the 1st graders a terrific break and then I will welcome them back as we continue our journey together in the MAC class!

Blessings to you all (do a little math, read a little too),

Pat Mills