Summertime is here!

Well, the end of the school year finally is here! It came after what already felt like an entire summer break! The Seventh graders stepped up to the plate, and with the support of their parents and teachers, ended the 3rd trimester in grand style! We had a nearly 100% student participation rate with the introduction of Google Classroom and our distance learning model helped to keep the students engaged in their learning. We have gained some valuable experience with online learning that will forever change the way we look at education.

Our students reluctantly took the driver’s seat and found they were more than capable of doing the work. Through conversations and communications, many found this time was not only difficult but also came with a realization of their own ability to adjust, adapt and to succeed. They have risen to the occasion of distance online learning, stayed connected with each other over ZOOM meetings and learned how much education, friends and the school setting mean to them. It was also filled with many blessings with more family time and renewed relationships, a less hectic schedule and greater appreciation for the little things in life like time in nature and the value of getting enough sleep!

Now is the time to step away from the computer and have some summertime fun! Mrs Devita and I both enjoyed working together with the 7th graders this year and know they are ready to handle 8th grade.  We are so proud of their ability to adapt and look forward to seeing them next Fall!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we are happy to have traveled this road with you kids! Stay safe and enjoy yourselves, you’ve earned it!

Mrs. Padon and Mrs. Devita