June 8th-12th

Happy Monday second grade families!

Thank you so much for your participation in our virtual Fund Run on Friday! I loved seeing all the pictures of students wearing their shirts and running. Way to go Team 2nd Grade!

This week is our last full week of school. Our academic focus for the rest of the year will be a Bird Nest project to wrap-up our bird unit. I have attached below the instructions for the project. Please have your child submit their project by Monday, June 15th. I will create an activity on Seesaw where students can upload both the written portion and the pictures of their nests. If you would prefer, you can email me the project instead. The Seesaw activity is now live, so students are welcome to upload their project at any time. Please email me if you have any questions about the project.

If you could take the time to send me your checklist from week 11 (6/1-6/5) that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your partnership! There will be no checklist for this week or next week. Our Zoom meetings will be Tuesday and Thursday at 11 AM. Our final Zoom meeting will be next Tuesday (6/16) at 9 AM. The students will have a chance to pick-up materials left in the classroom on Friday (6/12). Please check the Monday News for specific pick-up times!


Nests are for the birds

We have almost made it to the finish line! I am focused on finishing the school year strong and I want to thank you all again for all your efforts at home. I hope you have a blessed week.


Mrs. Foster