5th Grade Final Project

5th Grade End of Year Project 2020


Wow! Can you believe it is almost time for summer? As our time together in 5th Grade at St. Al’s comes to a close, I want you to take some time to reflect on what amazing work you have accomplished under such unique circumstances. I am so proud of you and want to celebrate how amazing you are! 


At St. Al’s we are inspired by our mission to “develop and harmonize the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical capacities of each child.” That sounds familiar doesn’t it?


In this project, you will be sharing some of your favorite memories both from our time in the classroom and our time continuous learning from home. You get to share all about your journey in the 5th grade in any way that you want.


You can write a poem or a story, you can make a poster or a diagram, you can even make a Google Slides presentation or a video. It is up to you how you want to tell the story of your time in 5th grade at St. Al’s. 


Our culminating project is a time for you to be creative, reflective, and have fun! 

We have provided some examples of ideas to include in your End of Year Project. Focus on the St. Al’s Mission Statement and how you have grown spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically. We have included some Non-Fiction book features that you are welcome to add into your project!


Your project can have a theme if you would like it to. For Example: Dog Man, Hugo, Star Wars, Animals, Garden, Spokane, be as creative as you would like!


You can include pictures in your projects. 


Have fun making this End of Year Project as you reflect on your time in 5th Grade! 


This project should be enjoyable and not overwhelming. Please focus on all of the positive times and Holy Spirit Moments we have shared together this year. 


This project will be due on Friday, June 12th 



Mrs. Nuss




My 5th Grade Journey

St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic School 



Who would you like to thank? 

Table of Contents: 

My Favorite Things

Spiritual Growth

Intellectual Growth

Emotional Growth

Physical Growth 

Best Memories

What I am excited for 

My Favorite Things

-my favorite book

-my favorite activity/hobby

-my favorite subject in school

-my favorite thing to do during continuous learning from home

Spiritual Growth

-One way I grew spiritually in the at St. Al’s in the classroom or Parish

-One way I have grown spiritually since we have been continuous learning 

Intellectual Growth 

-One way I have grown intellectually in the classroom

-One way I have grown intellectually since we have been continuous learning 

Emotional Growth 

-One way I have grown emotionally in the classroom

-One way I have grown emotionally since we have been continuous learning 

Physical Growth 

-One way I have grown physically in the classroom

-One way I have grown physically since we have been continuous learning 

My Best Memories of 5th Grade

  • Three of my favorite memories from 5th grade at St. Al’s or at home

What I am Most Excited for in 6th Grade

  • Three things I am excited for next year, at school or at home