June 1st-5th

Happy Monday second grade families!

Welcome to June everyone! I can still distinctly remember the first day of school way back in September when we were all just getting to know each other. I am so proud of these kiddos and how hard they have worked this year! I was looking back on one of our first photos together as a class yesterday and it was so heartwarming to see how much everyone has grown physically, emotionally, and spiritually. What a fantastic group of kiddos that I will miss teaching next year!

This week is our Virtual Fund Run! On Friday, June 5th, we are encouraging all students and families to walk or run for 15-20 minutes! The Fund Run is an important community event that I know the students look forward to every year so I am excited that we will get to continue this tradition even if it looks a little different. Please see my newsletter for information regarding t-shirt pick-up, run times, and how to earn a free dress pass!

To honor the results of our second parent survey, we will be having a “catch-up” day on Thursday. This is to give students a day to get caught up on work they may have missed. We will also be dedicating Friday to our Fund Run so there will be no regular work on this day! You will notice on the weekly checklist that I have limited the amount of priority work to 5 activities (instead of 7). We will be continuing with our bird unit learning about the Woodpecker! This is the last bird we will be learning about. The expert group and the process grid are assigned on Seesaw.

If you could take the time to send me your checklist from Week 10 (5/26-5/29) that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your partnership! We will only have one Zoom meeting this week (Tuesday) due to Fund Run t-shirt pick-up.

Weekly Checklist 2nd Grade


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out. I hope you have a blessed week!


Mrs. Foster