May 22nd Class News

May 22, 2020
Mrs. Hirst’s
Class News

Focus Points for this week:
• Log into our Google Classroom “home base” and submit the assignments for this week.
Look in the “upcoming” section or classwork section to see assignments. These will be due Monday, June 1st.
*Attached to this post, I have also added math answer keys for this week for you to reference if needed.
• State Project Information: The final State Project will be Due June 5th and we will share our projects with the class the following week on zoom as well as upload them to the webpage so that other classmates can see the wonderful work of all on the state project! This week the last sections are open. The first week in June, students will be asked to format their project in anyway they’d like. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore media, technology, as well as posters.
• Performing Arts: Mr. Barfield has a new Google Classroom page for 3rd and 4th graders. You can check it out with his code uj7wtbc

Important Information:
Fund Run: We are preparing for our first ever virtual Fund Run on Friday, June 5! We have had some powerful Holy Spirit moments lately as we’ve discerned what Fund Run will look like this year. Thanks to the guidance of some very wise believers in our mission and to the incredible support we received for our auction, Fund Run 2020 will focus on building hope and honoring YOU, our amazing community! We will still reach out to past Fund Run sponsors to share our message of hope and encourage them to give if they are moved to do so. Fund Run 2020 – virtual, grateful, hopeful…Here we go!

Order your 2020 Fund Run shirts now! Use the link provided below, or the link in the Monday News. T-SHIRTS ORDERS ARE DUE FRIDAY, MAY 22!!!! The Fund Run T-Shirt order was sent to all families. The shirts are free. Please just type in the size for your child and the information needed.
Order here, 8c08b5

K-8th grade Fall Sports Sign Up Now Open!! St. Aloysius Gonzaga School is enthusiastically preparing for an on time start to Fall Athletics. Please sign up to reserve your student athlete’s spot on a roster. No need to pre-pay. Please click the link below to register:

Volunteer Hours: During this unprecedented time, we believe each family has fulfilled all their volunteer hours and then some with our new continuous learning model. Please do not worry about turning in hours, we have marked everyone down as complete.

Year End: As soon as I know more, I will let you all know what our end of the year will look like. Keep up the good work! We have many exciting projects and engaging lessons. I am so proud of all of your hard work to finish the year strong!

Important Dates:
• June 5th Virtual Fund Run
• June 8th Eighth Grade Graduation
• June 16th, Last Day of School

Class Zoom Meeting: Our whole class zoom meeting will still be at 10 on Thursday. We will use this as community building time. Our Friday zoom will be in the 12:00-1:00 hour and will be small group math instruction. Thank you for working with Mrs. Dvorak and I!

I will send new Zoom invitations for this week (Thursday at 10:00). Join us if you can! I love this way to connect as a classroom community! Remember all Zoom meetings (even Friday small groups) are optional, but I do appreciate knowing ahead of time if your child is unable to make it to these meetings.

• Thursday’s Agenda (Spiritual/Community Building):
o Prayer and Intentions
o State Project Updates
o Discussion and Check-ins

• Friday, May 29th (Math Instruction Small Group):
o Your child will be placed in a small group of and will meet with Mrs. Dvorak and Mrs. Hirst for a half hour of math instruction each Friday.
o This week we will review classifying polygons and triangles. When I send out our small group Zoom class invitations later this week, we will also tell you the what your child needs to have with them.

Polygon Riddles Answers

Polygon Card Name Answers,