Thank you so much for your support from home as we use our continuous learning model for the remainder of this school year.  I know that homeroom teachers shared information about TeacherEase with you in their previous Friday emails.  I just wanted to reiterate that for this third trimester, teachers will not be updating assignments and grades on TeacherEase.  


Instead, this information can be found on Google Classroom.  Teachers have previously sent email invites to parents to join your child’s classrooms.  Once this invitation is accepted, you will be able to set up receiving weekly email summaries for all of your child’s classes.  These weekly summaries include class activities and announcements, upcoming work, and missing work.  More information about weekly summaries can be found at the link below.  To view teacher feedback on submitted student work, please ask your child to share his or her Google Classroom page and assignments with you.  Let me know if you would like the invitation to your child’s Google Classroom weekly summary to be resent.  



Even though TeacherEase will not be used for reporting grades this trimester, it can still be used as a communication and email tool for both parents and teachers.  Please email Mrs. Amanda Holland with any questions you or your child may have about this change.