Class News May 8th

May 8, 2020
Mrs. Hirst’s
Class News

Focus Points for this week:
• Log into our Google Classroom “home base” and submit the assignments for this week.
I strongly encourage your child check our Google Classroom page often. This is our “home base” and all our assignments and announcements will be posted here. Look in the “upcoming” section or classwork section to see assignments. These will be due Monday, May 18th.
• State Project Information (See below)

Important Information:
As a reminder, we will now post our new Google Classroom assignments and Newsletters every Friday at 3:00. This will give your family time to plan for the week.

Zoom Conferences:
Thank you for all who have met with me, if you would still like to have a Zoom or phone conference, please just email me! I am excited to have a face to face meetings with parents as a way to check in and see how everyone is doing. These are completely optional.

Class Zoom Meeting: Our whole class zoom meeting will still be at 10 on Thursday. We will use this as community building time. Our Friday zoom will be in the 12:00-1:00 hour and will be small group math instruction. Thank you for working with Mrs. Dvorak and I as set up these meetings!

I will send new Zoom invitations for this week (Thursday at 10:00 and Friday at 12). Join us if you can! I love this way to connect as a classroom community! Remember all Zoom meetings (even Friday small groups) are optional.

• Thursday’s Agenda (Spiritual/Community Building):
o Prayer
o Religion Discussion
• Friday, May 8th (Math Instruction Small Group):
o Your child will be placed in a small group of and will meet with Mrs. Dvorak and Mrs. Hirst for a half hour of math instruction each Friday.
o When I send out our small group Zoom class invitations later this week, we will also tell you the agenda and what your child needs to have with them

Google Classroom:
I encourage your child check our Google Classroom page often. This is our “home base” and all our assignments and announcements will be posted here. Look in the “upcoming” section or classwork section to see assignments.

*Google Classroom Reminder Emails: If you are being overwhelmed by Google Classroom emails, you can click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of them. You can also change your settings for which emails you want to receive.

“Grading” Assignments: When it comes to “grading,” I am mainly looking at whether your child is doing the work (even assessments) or not. I am also looking at their completed work to see what they still need help on so I can do my best from guiding them at home. By looking at their work, I have been able to see what they need more practice with, what instructional videos to create, and what more they need from me. Their work will also guide our new small group Zoom math instruction detailed below.

*Mrs. Dvorak: You may have noticed that Mrs. Dvorak is “grading” a few things. She is back as our virtual class aid until the end of the school year. She will be grading math and science now. I will “grade” all else. She and I are in close communication on what she is finding that the students need help with. I am so very grateful for her help!

*Feedback on Assignments: I am sending feedback on assignments via Google Classroom to your children. Please look for those. When I “return” assignments, please look for my comments. Unless I ask, I don’t expect you to return anything back to me. I am now starting to put “grades” on some of the assignments. Please look for those.

State Project Information:
All project information is on Google Classroom. There are seven parts to this assignment. This week, students will be asked to pick their state, do research on their state using the websites below, and turn in sections 2 and 3 on google classroom. Below is an outline of the project sections which I can open earlier if your child would like to move at a faster pace. We will talk soon about how to turn in a final product and exactly what that will look like.

This project is meant to be engaging and fun! Please email me if you have any questions!

First, choose your state and begin your research about your state. Using books and/or information from the Internet. I have provided a website with specific links that will help your child find information on their state.

On Google Classroom, I have titled the page, “Reliable Websites to Locate Information about your State!” Please try this website first for links to information on your state, then you can try to use other own reliable websites to locate information.
The website is:
The password is: renz50

1) Introduction – Introduce your state and why you chose it. This should be a persuasive paragraph to try to get people to visit your state. *You will actually do this last after you have learned all about your state*

2) Agriculture, Industry and Economy – Make a list. How do people earn a living in your state? What do they grow and what occurs naturally in your state?

3) Geography – Make/Draw a map of your state. What are the most important physical features of your state? Include mountains, rivers, lakes, a few big cities, the state capital, and anything else you think is important.

4) Things to See and Do – Make a list. Why would people want to travel to your state? Include information about tourist attractions, national parks, and other points of interest. What would people do if they visited your state?

5) Famous People from Your State – Make a list of five famous people from your state & why they are famous.

6) Interesting Facts and Information – Include interesting facts and trivia about your state. These should be fun facts that people might be interested to learn.

7) Bibliography of Sources Used – Keep a list information on the sheets provided for each book and website used. Attach the bibliography as the last page of your project.