April 27, 2020 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We hope all is well and miss you all very much! It has been wonderful to see everyone on Zoom. We are getting closer to being together again, if you have not already completed your parents survey about your current childcare needs please do so. https://forms.gle/hgygtQFmAnH728MbA

Week of April 27 to May 1
Topic: May Day and Flowers
Color/Shape: Purple/Crescent
Writing: Letter Review
Reading: Join us on Epic, I will be assigning books based on our topic for the week.
Math: Below I have attached a flower math game, all you will need are two dice and a piece of paper. Have you child roll the dice and count the number rolled, then they will place X number of petals onto the flower drawn.
Science/Sensory: This week’s science was one of my favorites as a child. You will need white flowers, cups, water, and food coloring. Add some food coloring to the water and place the white flowers into them, you will slowly start to see the flowers change color. Below is the link for more instructions.

Dyed Flowers

May Day Art: This is a little art project for you to make for a neighbor or neighbors, to put a smile on their faces! May Baskets are hung on a neighbor’s front door on May 1st, next Friday.Very easy for you to do with the help from a parent. Take a square piece of paper and roll it into a cone shape,glue or staple it shut.
Then make some pretty colorful flowers,3 is a nice number. Stick them inside your cone and put some tissue paper in there to hold the flowers in. Get some ribbon or sting to make the handle and a little piece of paper with your flowers that should say, “Happy May Day!” If you have some wrapped candies put those in the basket too.When you take it to your neighbor’s house either just leave it on the door knob and walk away or hang the basket,ring the doorbell,go to the sidewalk and wave as they get it. “Happy May Day to You🌸💖Miss Candy”

My name is Danielle but the kids call me Miss Danni. Working with children is my passion. I have worked at St. Aloysius since 2011. I have worked in almost every classroom in the ELC, and Preschool is one of my favorites. I look forward to this year and to watching the children learn and grow!