My Recycled Materials Art Challenge Projects

Last week, I challenged you to create something with items that might end up in the recycling bin.  I used a Cheerios box, part of an egg carton, and a paper towel tube to make two projects to try.

Andy Warhol-inspired Soup Project

  • We all need a little comfort food right now, and what’s more comforting than soup?  Pop artist Andy Warhol would agree with you.  He loved soup! Some of his most famous artworks were paintings of Campbell’s soup cans.
  • Let’s get started…
  • Did you know that the dull, non-coated paper side of a cereal box can be painted or colored with a variety of media?
  • I cut up my Cheerios box and glued the sides of the box to make a frame.  I painted the frame with yellow acrylic paint and added texture lines with Sharpie.
  • I used the dull side of the box to draw a cylinder. I then colored the background with white crayon. I colored my cylinder soup can with crayon, markers, and colored pencil.  I labeled my can with my favorite kind of soup – a Thai coconut milk soup called Tom Kha Gai.  I’m pretty sure Campbell’s doesn’t make that flavor, but it’s my favorite soup.
  • Make an Andy Warhol-inspired, framed painting of a can of your favorite kind of soup!

Paper Towel Tube Puppet

  • I love puppets! I love how you can make art work with a personality all its own.
  • I made my puppet with a paper towel tube as the body. I wrapped the tube with yarn and made a bird face out of a piece of egg carton.
  • I painted the egg carton with white and yellow acrylic paint and glued googly eyes in the hollows where the eggs used to go.  I want to add some false eyelashes to her eventually, but I don’t think buying false eyelashes qualifies as an essential trip!
  • I looked in my supply box and found yellow feathers and pearls, so, of course, I thought I’d make a glamorous goose puppet!  I glued her feathers on, but she ended up looking more like a glamorous ostrich.  What should I name her?  Think of the most glamorous name for a goose/ostrich!

Send photos of your recycled materials art work and puppet name suggestions to me at [email protected]

I am St. Aloysius School's art teacher for grades K-8. It is a joy to bring art instruction to our students.