April 20, 2020 Newsletter

Dear Parents,
If you haven’t already please join us on Class Dojo. I have previously sent out invitations to join via email, if you would like me send another please let me know.

Week of April 20-24
Topic: Rainbows
Color/Shape: Grey/Cross
Writing: Name and the letter Zz
Reading: Join us on Epic, I will be assigning books based on our topic for the week. Turn in your reading logs for SIlverwoods Ride2Read Program!
Math: Use toys from around the house and have your child sort them based on sizes, colors, shapes, etc. Once they are grouped you can use this to help your child count and add. For example, at my house we have colored blocks. We would sort the blocks based on color, then I could have my child count the red blocks or add two groups and have him count the red plus the yellow blocks. 
Science/Sensory: Create a Skittles rainbow, all you will need is Skittles, a plate, and water. Have your child place the Skittles onto a plate in a circle. Once they are finished gentle pour water onto the plate, enough to where it is touching each Skittle, and watch the magic happen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FHbbc8v1CsHere is a link for some more fun experiments: https://littlebinsforlittlehands.com/rainbow-science-experiments-stem-kids/
Art: Dandelion Painting! Take your child for a walk around the neighborhood and pick some dandelions of various sizes. When you get home your child can then dip their dandelions into paint or food coloring to make a unique painting!

St. Aloysius Annual Auction
Our Virtual Auction will be Saturday, 25 April!  Please mark your calendars, attendance is FREE! Dress comfortable with your beverage of choice and join our community as we celebrate “Full Steam Ahead!” Click on the link below to register!  

My name is Danielle but the kids call me Miss Danni. Working with children is my passion. I have worked at St. Aloysius since 2011. I have worked in almost every classroom in the ELC, and Preschool is one of my favorites. I look forward to this year and to watching the children learn and grow!