April 14th Class News

April 14th, 2020

Mrs. Hirst’s

Class News

I have such a heavy heart about not teaching your sweet children in person for the rest of the school year. I will continue to provide distance 4th grade learning for them. I am incredibly humbled and grateful to have you all by my side to share in this unprecedented learning experience with your children. You all continue to be in my prayers.

Focus Points for this week:

-Math: Module 3 Bridges review (Under Documents Tab) and review math facts 1-12

-Religion: Use your individual log in to access our “Christ Our Life” Religion books from Loyola Press online. I will be sending a follow up email with usernames and passwords shortly.

-Log into Google Classroom and submit the assignments for this week. This week there are assignments in math, reading, and religion.

*Google Classroom:

3rd and 4th grade classes will be launching Google Classroom this week. Google Classroom will be an important platform for us to use as we continue with our on-line learning. It allows me to assign work, receive student work, share videos, and much more. Please be patient with me as I am new at using this tool.

To sign in: Go to classroom.google.com and click Sign In. Please have students use their school provided Gmail accounts.
Student Email Username: [email protected]

Student Email Password (please do not change this right now): 12345678

· At the top, click Add. Join class.

Enter the Google Classroom Class Code: rjfkg2h

· Two Launching Videos: I have a friend who made two videos which are posted on my website to help you access Google Classroom and learn how to submit assignments.

We are practicing using Google Classroom this week. Please try to submit the work using Google Classroom. I am not grading this week but want us to try this out as we move forward together. Thanks for your support as we move forward with our new on-line learning.

***To support student learning for families without access to technology at home, St. Aloysius Gonzaga School is checking to see if your family has access to a device for online continuous learning. If you do not have access, please contact your classroom teacher and they will share this with the administration.


We now have online access to our “Christ Our Life” Religion books from Loyola Press. Please look for an individual follow up email from me with your child username and password. We will be using this resource for the remainder of the year, so please let me know if you have trouble getting on.

Class Zoom Meeting:

· I will send a new Zoom invitation for this week (Thursday at 10:00). Join us if you can! I love this way to connect as a classroom community!

· Thursday’s Agenda (Spiritual/Community Building):

o This is a Spirit Day is about reflection, how is Christ your hero? You can share your favorite recent Holy Spirit moment from Easter or Spring Break. Share a photo of how Christ is involved in your life, a photo of you praying, a blessing or a prayer your family says, a walk outside in nature, or any other times you find Christ. I’m looking forward to hearing about how Christ is your hero!

o Read a Chapter in our class book.


Please continue to log your reading for Silverwood! When your child finishes the log, please take a picture of it and email it to me. Silverwood has extended the due date to April 30th. I will then issue your child a ticket through email. I can’t accept any late logs.

St. Al’s Auction (April 25th):

· Please plan on tuning into our first virtual auction (registration is free).

· You can donate to our paddle raise as well as bid for our auction items.

· The money raised will go to our operating budget (keeping staff, continuing our learning programs, continuing our extra programs, etc.) to help off-set the effects of the Covid-19 closure.

· Please tell everyone you know to tune in on Saturday, April 25th!!!

· Visit our website at www.stalsschool.org and follow the auction link. Thank you!!!

Virtual St. Al’s Spirit Week:

Please send your Hero Holy Spirit Moment pictures from this week to [email protected] Please take pictures in “square” mode.

Tuesday, April, 14: Be a HERO at Home

· Help a parent, neighbor, friend (examples: wash the dishes, vacuum, clean a room)

· Share photos with us how you were a Hero at home.

Wednesday, April 15: Write a letter to a HERO

· Write a letter to a hero, first responder, nurse, doctor, emergency personal, firefighters

· Please send your letters to St. Al’s for distribution: 611 E Mission, Spokane, WA 99202

· Letters can be addressed to “doctor,” “firefighter,” “nurse” etc.

Thursday, April 16: Show your HERO

· This day is about reflection, how is Christ your hero?

· Share a photo of how Christ is involved in your life, a photo of you praying, a blessing, a prayer

with your family before a meal, a walk outside in nature

Friday, April 17: Celebrate your HERO

· This is a day to celebrate! Free dress or Hero free dress and dance party…share your celebration with us

· Celebrate you, your family and all of the HOLY SPIRIT MOMENTS of the week!

Jordan Hirst