April 14, 2020 Newsletter

Dear Parents,
We hope everyone had a great Easter and would love for you to share any stories, traditions created, photos, or all three! In this email you will find details about our virtual spirit week, our class Zoom invitation, and a link for our Annual Auction.

Topics to Discuss: Spirit Week: Be a HERO

Tuesday, April, 14 : Be a HERO at Home
Help a parent, neighbor, friend (examples: wash the dishes, vacuum, clean a room)
Share photos with us how you were a Hero at home

Wednesday, April 15 : Write a letter to a HERO
Draw a picture of a hero, first responder, nurse, doctor, emergency personnel, firefighters
Please send your picture to St. Al’s for distribution 611 E Mission, Spokane, WA 99202
Pictures can be addressed to “doctor,” “firefighter,” “nurse” etc.

Thursday, April 16 : Show your HERO
This day is about reflection, how is Christ your hero?
Share a photo of how Christ is involved in your life, a photo of you praying, a blessing, a prayer with your family before a meal, a walk outside in nature

Friday, April 17 : Celebrate your HERO
This is a day to celebrate! Hero dress and dance party…share your celebration with us!
Celebrate you, your family and all of the HOLY SPIRIT MOMENTS of the week!

Art Ideas from Miss Candy: Children,I thought since this is Spirit Week and it is all about YOUR SuperHero. What I would like you to try to do is this, if you have a driveway and some chalk and with the help of mom or dad make a HUGE ⭐️and in the middle draw a picture of who your SuperHero is and have mom or dad write the name of your hero under the star. Now I want you to think real hard about who it will be and it needs to be somebody who is real, for example Grandpa or Grandma or your best friend or your mom or dad, a neighbor, a doctor, the pizza delivery guy, your mail person, your brother or sister, someone that you know who is extra special to YOU! If you do not have a driveway ,draw it on a BIG piece of paper and tape it to a window or your front door for people who are walking around can see it.
Be a SuperHero and Draw a SuperHero.

Miss Danni and Miss Candy are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Blue Jay’s Zoom Class
Time: Apr 16, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join us for our Annual St. Als Auction. This year we will be hosting our auction virtually, please click on the link below to register!

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My name is Danielle but the kids call me Miss Danni. Working with children is my passion. I have worked at St. Aloysius since 2011. I have worked in almost every classroom in the ELC, and Preschool is one of my favorites. I look forward to this year and to watching the children learn and grow!