Week of April 6 Activities



COLOR: Yellow


“Y” is for “Yellow Yoyo and Yarn”





“Y” is for “Yak”










  • Letter Y cut out of brown construction paper (see this pattern: Y is for Yak pattern)
  • two large tan circles
  • two small black circles
  • large tan oval
  • two tan horns
  • glue stick
  • black marker
  • red marker
  • white construction paper


Number “1” craft:


  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Something to color with
  • Colored construction paper (if you are printing black/white pattern)


  • Print out the template of choice Number One Buddy (color) or (B&W)
  • Color pieces
  • Cut out the pieces
  • Glue the hat, face and arms onto the body (the number 1)
  • Glue the snowflake into one of his hands

Point out all the number 1’s (his body is a number 1 and he has a number 1 on his hat).  How many items are in groups of one (one snowflake, one body, one nose, one mouth, one hat)?  Add up all the ones (one snowflake + one body + one nose + one mouth + one hat = 5 ones).  Add up all the number 1’s (his body + the 1 on his hat = 2 ones).


CATHOLIC ART COLORING PAGES: https://catholicartworks.com/specials.htm