Mar. 30th-Apr. 3rd

Happy Monday second grade families! I hope you all found some joy this weekend spending time with your family, having extra time around the house, or taking a walk outside. Although this time has been challenging, it has given me the time to reach out to family members and friends. Taking time out of my day to check in on someone else has been a Holy Spirit Moment for me. Let us be thankful for technology and how it allows us to keep in contact with friends around the world even when we have to stay indoors!

I know there has been a lot of information being sent your way regarding activities for your child. For this week, I want students to focus on Religion and Math! For Religion, I sent home an Easter flip book. Students get to cut and color this; perfect for an independent activity! They could also complete a chapter in their Religion workbook. For math, I sent out the March Number Corner Check-up. Please do not expect your child to finish this is one day- if they complete 1/2 problems each day it would make a great warm-up in the morning! This is not being graded or collected so if it doesn’t get done this week that is okay.

This Friday would’ve been Stations of the Cross at our school. Here is a video of children acting out the stations of the cross that you could show your child: (Just copy and paste the link into your browser!) After the Stations of the Cross, we usually have quiet reflection time. This would be a great time for your child to color, say a quiet prayer, or read a book!

Focus Points for this week:

I have attached our Newsletter as well as the P.E. assignments for the week from Coach Cronin!

Have a blessed week.


Mrs. Foster