Art Ideas for Home

Happy Monday, St.Aloysius families!

Mrs. Krauss has asked teachers to centralize their posting of information and activities during the school closure, and this portion of the website will be the location for art ideas.

Please note that the goal for all of these suggestions is to help students stay active, engaged, and joyful! These activities will not be graded, and are optional.  Please see previous posts for more ideas!

These ideas can be adapted to any grade level:

  1.  Create a colorful poster for your home to remind someone of an important idea, like “Wash your Hands,” or “You are Loved.”  Post it somewhere people can see it.
  2. Write a comic strip with you as the “Stay at Home” Superhero!  Don’t forget to create panels for your action and speech and thought bubbles to share the story.
  3. Make a travel brochure for the place you most want to visit when we are able to travel.
  4. Sketch or paint the most beautiful thing you saw this week.
  5. Draw a portrait of your pet dressed in human clothes (don’t dress your pet, just use your imagination)
  6. Have your parent select a museum tour for you to explore, or check out Mo Willems “Lunch Doodles” on YouTube.

Do one (or all, if you like) of these and send them to me at [email protected]!

Have a wonderful, art-filled week!

Love and Blessings,

Mrs. M

I am St. Aloysius School's art teacher for grades K-8. It is a joy to bring art instruction to our students.