Physical Education Suggestions From Coach Cronin

Dear Families,

Below please find this week’s letter from Coach Cronin, with wonderful suggestions for physical activity and games.

Week 3 Suggested Physical Activities From Coach Cronin
RESILIENT – The ability to recover from or adjust easily to adversity or change.
“No matter what I get back up”
Focus of the Week = Sleep – 11 hours for super power (7-9 for the average adult)
A healthy sleep schedule improves all areas of well-being including: memory, energy
levels, concentration, immune function, emotional regulation and mental health.
Sleep tips
1. Establish a normal bedtime routine, stick with it to within the hour even on the weekends
(this establishes normal circadian rhythms)
2. Exercise during the day but not in the last two hours before bed
3. Power down before bed, limit screens in the last two hours, (the light emitted tricks the
brain into thinking it’s day still)
4. Keep the bedroom dark and cool
PE Plan for the week – We recommend music with activities if possible
*The best exercise is one that is enjoyable and can continue to be practiced for a lifetime!
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Follow the leader!
• Cue the leader to
choose activities all
participants can be
successful in
• The leader’s job is to
care for the entire
• Take turns being the
• Include everyone in
your home
• Ex: stretches,
animals, airplane,
• This is a 25 minute
video with nice
visuals and a fun
and relaxing yoga
class for kids.
• Or, have your child
lead yoga, most of
them know quite a
few poses.
Emphasis on
breathing, your own
practice and
listening to your
Favorite game day!
Have your child teach you their
favorite PE activity (this may be
limited due to # of participants)
• Examples may include:
o Turtle tag
o Crabs in the canal
o Down, Down, Down (catch
o “Simon” says (Instead of
eliminating a person have them
take one step forward when they
are right, no step if incorrect and
first person to reach Simon wins).