Friday Lesson Ideas

Theme: Fairytale, Unicorn, Dragons, and Fantasy

Letter of the Week: Uu

Owl Time Topics: Kind Words! Words can be nice or mean



Science: Draw the different weather you saw this week! Did nature make a pattern like the math patterns you made? What weather do you think you will see this weekend?

Math:  Sticker patterns!

Use favorite stickers and alternate back and forth creating a pattern up to the 10 or 20!

Religion: God Made People

Music: 5 Little Unicorns


Structure Active Play: Your choice Yoga!

Movement with Music:

Do the bear walk
Ants go marching
Walk around


Outdoors: Go on a rock hunt for the perfect pet rock!


Special Activity: Zoom at 10!

Daily Questions:

What would you like to do this weekend?

What animals did you see on your rock hunt?

What characteristics were you looking for in your rock pet?