Staying In Touch

Dear Families,

I miss my first graders so much, and am sending love and prayers to all of you.  Thank you for joining me on our Zoom Class Meeting yesterday.  It was great to see everyone’s faces!  I will be scheduling another Zoom Class Meeting for next week, and will email each 1st grade family an invite.

Storytime with Captain Croft will continue each school day on Facebook.  If you have not joined our Class Facebook Page, please find it at “Mrs. Croft’s 1st grade class”.  This is a private Facebook group, for families of current 1st graders.  Just send a join request, and we will get you in the group.  Students and families are super welcome to post on the page!  I loved the photos from students showing us how their snap peas and tomato plants have sprouted!

We will get through this tough time together.  Pope Francis has called each of us to join in the Our Father Prayer today at noon.  May the Lord’s peace be with all of you.


Mrs. Croft