Tuesday Lesson Ideas

Theme: Fairytale, Unicorn, Dragons, and Fantasy

Letter of the Week: Uu

Owl Time Topics: Kind Words! Words can be nice or mean



How to Make Fantasy Dragon Eggs



Go on a Nature Hunt in the back yard! Collect items to create an artistic collage.


Making Patterns with Cars

Religion: God Made People


Music: 5 Little Unicorns


Structure Active Play:

Movement with Music:

Fly like a dragon
Shake your sillies out
Hokey pokey


Outdoors: Bike Wash! Wash your bike just like parents wash their cars😊


Special Activity: Call a love one and tell them how special they are ❣️

Daily Questions:

Which Yoga lesson did you enjoy more and why?

What other items in the house can you make patterns with?

What pet fantasy creature would you want? Describe it and how would you take care of it?