Newsletter March 23rd

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March 23, 2020

One of my favorite quotes:

Choose Joy:

Don’t wait for things to get easier,

Simpler, better.

Life will always be complicated.

Learn to be happy right now. 

Otherwise, you’ll run out of time.


Your children exude joy and happiness!  Thank you for sharing them with me this school year.  I miss them and all of you.  Blessings and prayers!



Important Information:

  • Please use Amazon Smile when making your Amazon purchases and select St. Aloysius Catholic School as your charity of choice. Please also tell everyone you know (grandparents, friends, other relatives, etc.).  By using Amazon Smile, we make money for our school!  Please email Aleisha Webb [email protected] for more information.  Thank you!!!



  • How to access my website:


  • Go to
  • Go to the “For Students” tab and scroll to “Elementary Classes”
  • Go to the 3rd grade tab


  • Remember that Spring Break and Easter Monday (April 6-13) are holidays for your children. I will not send out any new assignments to be worked on during their break.  If families want to continue a schedule of learning during the break, that is up to each individual family.


  • Please know that I am here for you. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected].  This is such a new learning curve for all of us!



  • Some of you have asked for a possible daily schedule for learning at home. This is what I have come up with.  Know that it is just an example and is optional.


Reading/Word Work: 30 minutes total daily

Math (Review work and Math Facts Practice): 30 minutes total daily

Paragraph Writing/Grammar/Cursive: 30 minutes total daily

Religion: 20-30 minutes total daily

P.E.: 30 minutes total daily

Social Studies (Spokane), Science, and/or Art: 20-30 minutes total daily


School Work This Week: 

Please know that these are just suggestions for you at home.  Thank you for your at-home learning support! 


*Cursive pages:  The children brought their cursive books home.  Have them do pages 37-41.


*Social Studies (Spokane):

*Review chapter 2, “The Children of the Sun,” by adding to your Spokane River pictorial chart.  Please look at my sample attached and make sure you have all parts on yours which is in your Social Studies folder you brought home.  If you run out of room for the writing, please feel free to use the back of the sheet or a new piece of paper.  Save this in your Social Studies folder.


*Have your child watch the Youtube video I have shared with you, “Spokane Children of the Sun” by Pinki Tuscaderro.  They can stop watching the video after 5 minutes which is the first part.  It will take them back in time to the Spokane Natives and give them a sense of what life was like.  It compliments chapter 2 well!



*Practice multiplication facts daily (flash cards, app, parent quiz, worksheets).  I have attached a set of optional multiplication practice sheets if you would like to use those.


*Khan Academy:  After the children log in, they will see 5 math assignments I assigned last week.  I posted a due date of this Friday, March 27th.  If you haven’t finished those, please do so.  I will send out a new assignment from Khan Academy for math next Monday, March 30th.  Please let me know if you were unable to log on.  I discovered that when I printed the usernames, they were cut off.  The usernames are actually their full first and last names in lowercase letters.


*Fraction Video:  I have shared a video of me teaching a fraction activity.  During this video, they will be making a fraction kit at home.  Tell them it is different than the one we made in school.  Have your child watch this video and pause it during each of the steps so they can create their own fraction kits.  They will need to keep these kits for future lessons I will share.  Please let me know if you have questions on this!  I want to stress that this is an optional fun math activity.  Have fun!


Materials Needed:


Ruler/measuring tape


Any type of paper (It can be the same color and must be the same size/type of paper)


*4 Worksheets from Bridges (see attached)



*Read daily for enjoyment and have a conversation about your reading with someone.


*Word Work:

*Have someone give you the following list of double syllable words.  Try writing the words correctly.  If you get stuck, have whoever is helping you give you a tip.  Underline the two syllables and clap the syllables in the word as you say it.



Word: apple      My writing of it to show the syllable breaks:  ap ple















*Continue working on your insect projects.  I have loved seeing the finished products of the ones who are done!  They are awesome!!



*Khan Academy:  I assigned two verb tasks.  One is an “Introduction to Verbs” video and the other is an “Identifying Verbs” practice set.  They both have a due date of next Monday.


*Here/There Chant:  The children have created two of these chants with me recently.  One was on Spokane Natives and the other was on insects.  It is a great way to practice the parts of speech and they are similar to Mad-Libs.  Your child can do one on the topic of their favorite activity.  Please see my example.


*Weekly Message:  This is similar to the children’s morning message each day.  Please have them use their Language Journals they brought home to write the message corrections.  I have attached a weekly message with lots of mistakes that they need to correct.  They need to write the whole paragraph with their corrections.  They also need to circle all of the verbs.  Examples of how we do this are in their journals.



*Pray with your family.

*Pray the Apostles Creed.

*Prayer Cards:  I have attached prayer cards.  Choose two this week and write a reflection with complete sentences about them.


Silverwood Reading:

Please continue to log your reading for Silverwood!  If your child finishes the log, your parent can take a picture of it and email it to me.  You can also save the form until we get back.  Silverwood has extended the date to April 30th.  I will then issue your child a ticket.