A Peek at the Week: March 23-27, 2020

Greetings! I hope you are all doing well and got a chance to enjoy some spring sunshine this weekend. Back when our life seemed a little more “normalish” Sundays were dedicated to getting a real game plan for the week in our house. For me professionally and personally I called it “Schedulin’ Sunday!” I found joy in going into school to focus on the week ahead and have the copy machine to myself if needed before the hustle & bustle of Monday set in 🙂 At home we got organized for sports, meals, meetings, etc. Sometimes we could execute these plans to perfection and some weeks we had many snags in the plan. So in this new normal, it still feels good to quietly get out my lesson plan book, be extremely mindful about the week ahead (allowing room for flexibility–a tough one for a planner 😉 and embrace being home.

*Nuts and Bolts of communication: at this time we have 3 ways to stay in communication–this email, our St. Al’s K-AM web page, and our Facebook Group- Kindergarten Rocks. You also all have my phone number that I’m using to face time kiddos and I have received wonderful pictures and videos from many of you as well. I got to facetime with several kiddos last week and will continue this week for the kiddos that didn’t get a chance. Oh and I forgot, we have good ol’ fashioned snail mail. Look for mail from me this week!

*Many of you have expressed you are familiar with Zoom. I am planning for a Zoom meeting this Friday at 9am. I will send you an invite later in the week, but wanted you to tack down that time. I know there will be times these meetings may not work for you. It’s tricky to find a best time for everyone. We will plan to have these at least once a week and the goal is that most kiddos will have a chance to “attend.” I will also be posting videos on the FB page.

A Peek at the Week:
March 23-27, 2020

Religion: Gratitude journal challenge. *before bed can you write/draw 2-3 things you are thankful for on that specific day. Good for grown-ups, too! It doesn’t have to be a grandiose thing. Last Friday, I was thankful for my cozy bed with clean sheets. Explore on-line resources. My family attended Mass today with Father Mike Schmitz in our living room. My doggies were more reverent than my human children, but that’s ok! We tried something new & we’ll keep trying. Also kiddos can keep working on their Lenten good deeds and filling in their paper stained glass window.
Math: You should have all received a 3rd trimester goal sheet stapled on top of various math worksheets in your tote. It is all on cream paper. Those goals are for you to see where the end game is for June. Not all those skills are expected to be mastered at this time, but gives you a road map. In addition to those sheets, I have 2 additional math ideas for this week.
1. Great equations with the date. Students would write out equations with all appropriate symbols. Sometimes they verbalize what they want to say leaving out the +, -, or = sign. All they need is some scratch paper and pencil/pen. Have them look for patterns…
Example for today March 22. Equations that equal 22. 20+2=22, 19+3=22, 18+4=22, 17+5=22
also practice writing equations starting with the sum… 22=17+5 they don’t always need to end with the sum. This is great for algebraic thinking! How many can they come up with? Can they use a combination of addition and subtraction? ( 10+10+2 =22 or 10+10+10-8=22) What strategies are they using? (counting on, ten frames, fingers, number line, counters (anything from home that can be used as a manipulative- beans, pennies, noodles, etc)
2. Practice fact families with 2 dice or dominoes. Fact families help students understand the relationship between operations in math. ex: if a domino has 2 & 5 on it—
5+2=7 *Start with just the addition family and then add subtraction
They can roll the dice, if they get 4 and 1. write the family 4+1=5, 1+4=5 see how many they can get! They may shout “doubles!” We have been working on doubles as well!(3+3, 4+4, etc) They make us excited!

Phonics/Word Work/Writing: They all have their handwriting book that practices correct letter formation, sign-language for that letter, and they write and illustrate a sentence for each page. I would challenge them to also write an actual letter to someone or make a card for a friend or teacher 🙂 They also have a copy of Kindergarten sight words to practice and I included a challenge list of 1st and 2nd grade core words. Have fun with these–put shaving cream on a table and write the words with your finger, or get a cookie sheet with sugar or flour to “write” the words or build with play-do. Speaking of play-do this is my most favorite tried and true recipe that doesn’t require cooking on the stove. Just mix and go!

Kool-aid play dough recipe:
2 pkgs. kool-aid (cherry is a fav smells delicious)
1 cup flour
1 cup salt
2 Tablespoons cooking oil
4 teaspoon cream of tartar
1 cup boiling water–add last
mix all ingredients, no cooking necessary, store in airtight container & it will last a long time!

Science: we were in our weather unit. Kiddos can continue to tally or graph weather each day. We also were keeping track of “lion or lamb” days for our March calendar. Ask them if they remember what is a lion weather day and lamb weather day? Students have their science workbook and I will forward the list of online resources for you to explore. Planning to post a video Wednesday with a rain cloud experiment, stay tuned…

Reading: kiddos have paper stories to practice with and can be reading for their Silverwood log. There are many online resources where they can listen to a story. Many authors are doing it too. Mo Willems, Eric Carle, etc. You can offer the greatest gift in sharing a story with them. My hope is to carve out at least 10 minutes a day for you to share in storytime, even if it’s you doing the reading. It’s wonderful for them to hear your fluency and intonation. It will also improve their vocabulary, increase their attention span, and help to promote reading for fun! This is one of the most valuable gifts you can give your kiddo!

Please feel free to share Holy Spirit Moments through email or on our FB page! 2 Holy Spirit moments come to mind for me this past week: My first one is having 7 consecutive days of dinner at the dinner table with my family! Having a husband who travels 2-3 days a week mixed with sports makes sit down dinner physically impossible some nights for us. I may need to teach an etiquette course to my boys, but still so incredibly thankful for this gift. Moment #2 is sharing in this with all of you. I am so lucky to be in partnership with all of you and appreciate your grace as I continue to navigate these uncharted waters. Thank you for being YOU! Can’t wait for real hugs, handshakes, and high-fives!

Wishing you all an awesome week! We can do hard things!