Monday Lesson Ideas

Theme: Fairytale, Unicorn, Dragons, and Fantasy

Letter of the Week: Uu

Owl Time Topics: Kind Words! Words can be nice or mean



Math: Ice Cube Tray Patterns

Items needed:

Ice cube tray

Two different sets of items (Example: coins, candy, beans, Legos)



Mix up items and have students separate the items into the ice cube’s tray to create a pattern. Example: One side for pennies one side for nickels

Religion: God Made People

Music: 5 Little Unicorns


Structure Active Play:

Movement with Music: Tooty Ta, Freeze Dance, Wheels on the Bus

Outdoors: Ride a bike, Play Catch

Special Activity: Free Choice with Family

Daily Questions:

What was your favorite activity?

When did you use kind words today?

What fantasy animal/character would you be and why? What would you look like ie: color, size?