Newsletter, March 16th

Mrs. Manfred’s

Class News

March 16, 2020

Dear Families,


I have a heavy heart about not seeing your sweet and joyful children for the next few weeks.  I will miss them terribly!  They are such a blessing to Erin and me each and every day.

Today we celebrated the children, while also doing a little bit of math and having a science test.  Our class did a great job with Monday Morning Prayer, teaching the school about the three pillars of Lent (pray, fast, and give).  We watched the movie, “The Invention of Hugo Cabret,” which was the amazing book we just finished.  At the end of each chapter the kids begged us not to stop reading.  We also watched the old silent film from 1905 “A Trip to the Moon” and the film from 1895 “A Train Came into the Station” which were both mentioned in the book.  During our movie we enjoyed rootbeer floats.  We also released our adorable insects.

I will continue to be in contact with you via email at  Please continue to check your email and my website on the St. Al’s webpage.  As of now I will be working from school and/or home, so feel free to also call me at 489-7825 ext. 214 if you have questions.  We are gathering as a staff tomorrow to determine how we will go forward with educating your children during this time.  So please look for an email from me this week outlining new information.  We will not have conferences in person, but if you would like a phone conference, I’d be happy to do that.  I have sent all report cards and assessments home with the kids today.

I have outlined work for your children to do while we are out this week and it is attached.  I am not including a due date.  Please do it when you can and I will collect it when I see you again.  My goal is to email you activities and ideas weekly for your children.  I am also looking into optional on-line sources for your family.  I will email those as soon as I am able.  If your child missed school today, no stress about the insect test.  I can email it to you and you can return it when we get back.

During this time of uncertainty, I don’t expect you to run “school” for 6 hours a day.  Feel free to do these assignments when you can.  Part of their at home learning experience at home will also include things like reading together, going for a bike ride, taking a walk, praying together, playing a game together, baking together (and talking about fractions when measuring ingredients), etc.

As we navigate this new way of living and learning, I will keep you posted.  We are in this together!


Care and Blessings,

Keri Manfred

Curricular Information for Last Week:

Math:  We have been doing fractions, fractions, and more fractions!  We have made fraction kits and have used pattern blocks to learn fractions.  Ask your child what the words, “congruent” and “equivalent” mean.


Religion:  We revisited the three pillars of Lent (Pray, Fast, Give) so that we could prepare for Monday Morning Prayer.  The students also took their “Creed and Trinity” assessment as well as recited the “Apostle’s Creed” individually to me.  We enjoyed our Lenten Mass at the church on Thursday.


Science:  Our pupas turned into beetles!  We have lots of butterflies!  We have seen a complete life cycle for two insects!  During Technology Lab on Wednesday, we took our insect research from last week and began to create Powerpoint Presentations to share with the class.  We learned how to insert videos and images of our insects into our presentations.  It was AWESOME learning!


Social Studies:  We continued learning about Spokane this week.  We created a pictorial chart of the river and wrote interesting facts on the chart.  We have learned that the Spokane River was essential to the Native Americans for thousands of years.


Language Arts:  We continued with our Guided Reading groups this week.  We also finished our Non-fiction Feature learning and our “All About” books.  Look for these to come home with your report card packets.  During writing, we began to create a large whole class opinion essay about what new playground equipment we would like to have.  We are going to present this to Mrs. Krauss when we are done.  We will finish this essay this week.  Come see it hanging on the wall in our classroom and ask your child what the class would like for the playground.


School Work This Week: 

Please keep these packets at home for now.

*Cursive pages:  The children brought their cursive books home.  Have them do pages 32-36.

*Spokane:  Read Chapter 2 “Children of the Sun” with your child or have them read it independently.  They will write 3 things learned on the attached sheet.

*Math:  Practice multiplication facts daily (flash cards, app, parent quiz, worksheets).  Do pages 128, 129, 11, and T4).

*Reading:  Read daily for enjoyment and have a conversation about your reading with someone.

*Writing/Grammar:  Write a quality paragraph with correct spelling and punctuation about an activity you did at home.  Underline all of the verbs in each sentence.  Your paragraph must be 5 sentences long with an introduction sentence, three detail sentences, and a concluding sentence.



Today I went on a walk with my family.  We decided that our dog, Maisy, needed exercise.  We live by the river so we went on the Centennial Trail.  We also played at the park.  It was a fun walk!


*Religion:  Say the “Apostles’ Creed” to someone.  Pray with your family.


School Materials Brought Home Today:

Please keep the following items safe and return them to school when we come back.  They may be used while you are at home and I might assign work from them.

*Cursive Books

*Social Studies Folders

*Science Folders

*Language Journals (If the kids have a writing assignment, they can use these journals to write.)

*Math Journals (The kids have been taking notes on math concepts all year.  Please use them as a reference if you need to.)

*In the yellow packets, I put some blank assessments for practice of the current math unit we are on.  I also included the teacher key for your reference.  Feel free to have your child practice those problems and you can create more of your own.  Also feel free to use their old assessments to give you ideas of concepts to practice.


Silverwood Reading:

Please continue to log your reading for Silverwood!  If your child finishes the log, your parent can take a picture of it and email it to me.  You can also save the form until we get back.  Silverwood has extended the date to April 30th.  I will then issue your child a ticket.