Mar. 16th-20th

Second grade families,

Beginning on Tuesday, March 17th, our school will be closed until April 24th. We will resume classes on Monday, April 27th. I am looking forward to being reunited with parents and students at this time! During our time away from the classroom, it is very important that your child continues to read, write, and practice math facts daily. This will look different for every family and that’s okay! I am sending home a packet of work for the remainder of this week. Nothing will be collected or graded during this time, but these can be used to enhance learning at home. Please check your email for updates/information from me throughout this process. I will be sending new materials that I find or any online resources that may be helpful for you! All of you are in my prayers and we will get through this together. If you have any questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to email me.

If your child is not in attendance today, I will have the packets ready for pick-up at 2:30 PM.

2nd grade Homework Packet

Here is a breakdown of our day to help with learning from home!

Entry Tasks- 20 minutes

Math- about 40/45 minutes

Morning Recess/Break- 15 minutes

Reading/Daily 5- 20 minutes

Lunch/Recess- 40 minutes

P.E.- 30 minutes (Physical activity is so important- and trust me it will help them focus better in the afternoon!)

Phonics- 30 minutes

Writer’s Workshop- 30 minutes (please include time for your child to share their writing out loud to you or a family member!)

I allow for 40 minutes of Free Choice at the end of the day- kids need time to wind down after a long day of working!


Mrs. Foster