At-Home Art Ideas

Hello St. Aloysius Families,

Let’s keep our brains art-active while we’re at home over the coming weeks. Here are some fun ideas, which I will update weekly:

K-1: Make a silly illustration for a favorite story.  Try to draw in the Dr. Seuss style.

2-3: Make a drawing that combines three animals to create a brand-new creature.  Give it a name and an “origin story.”

4-6: Draw a family member holding an object that is important to him or her.

7-8: Design and draw a vending machine that distributes something “impossible.”

I can’t wait to see what you come up with.  Feel free to email me your photos at

[email protected]!

I am St. Aloysius School's art teacher for grades K-8. It is a joy to bring art instruction to our students.